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Swift Industries Kestrel Handlebar Bag

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Swift Industries Kestrel Handlebar Bag

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The Swift Industries Kestrel Handlebar Bag is an ideal size for day trip adventures and optimizes the space on both sides of the handlebars and both sides of the bicycle stem. The Kestrel is purpose-built for handlebar functionality, features interior and exterior zipper pockets and helps you keep everything you need accessible and secure.

If your gravel or road adventure takes you further into the great wide open, you can easily add up to two Swift Industries Sidekick Stem Pouches onto the back of the Kestrel for even more carrying capacity. The bottom of the pack includes a daisy chain that’s perfect for lashing your pump or other small items, or even a bedroll if you’re planning on some serious time out. 

The Kestrel Handlebar Bag measures 10”w x 5”h x 3”d for a volume of 2L. Also included are a pair of 9″ Swift Straps. The  Kestrel Handlebar Bag is made out of recycled polyester and contains roughly 5 plastic bottles rescued from polluted rivers.