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Let’s face it: deep down inside, we all in one form or another care about how we look, ourselves included. We at Contender Bicycles wouldn’t consider it vanity, but a sense of self-respect and an obvious outlet for self-expression. As such, we are always on the hunt for the the best in cycling apparel, in terms of craftsmanship, performance, and looks.

Wearing clothing you’re excited about will only help you ride better. Feel like a million bucks, and maybe your ride will go just as well. Our goal is just that: to make apparel that makes not just you, the rider, feel good, but everyone around as well.

We’ve never offered more options, and it’s certainly exciting to be able to offer exactly what we want to wear. Here’s a few of our favorites, even if we love them all like they’re our children:

Contender Retro GS Salt Lake City Jersey


Contender G.S. Retro Jersey (and accompanying short)
This jersey is our “dedica” (Italian for tribute) to Italian cycling culture and everything it stands for. G.S., meaning “gruppo sportivo” (literally, sports group), unites cyclists working to fuel their passion for cycling. As such, we’ve made two versions: one for Park City (PC), one for Salt Lake City (SLC). It’s our way of uniting the two places in one tribute. An excellent choice for your next jaunt up Big Mountain or through L’Eroica in Tuscany.

Contender Topo Map Jersey

Contender Topo 3/4 Jersey. Park City, Utah
We’ve all gotten lost on a bike ride. Perhaps it was due to poor planning, misleading mapping, or just because you were enjoying your ride so much you forgot to turn when you needed. Either way, you’ve gotta get back. Take a look at yourself. You’re wearing the Contender Map Short Sleeve Mountain Jersey. Not only do you look fantastic, but in no time you’ll be back on trail.

Contender Women’s Angle Jersey

Contender Women's Angle Jersey - Salt Lake City, Utah

Triangles are the strongest shape on earth, and they happen to be the most simple of them as well. To us, they envoke even-keeled strength, stability, and simplicity. As you embrace the road less traveled, the stalwart triangle has your back (and your back, your shoulders, and the rest of your torso). It doesn’t hurt that the jersey just plain looks good too.

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