Contender’s two man show

Is it possible? Have the hipsters infiltrated Contender’s Reed and Eddie? Have their skinny jeans cut off all circulation to the brain? Wrong again. Reed and Eddie are actually an award winning duo that pack theaters all over the country. Who sees these shows? Well mostly inmates and degenerates for now but there’s been a real ground swell recently and tickets are going quick.

The fourth and fifth Beatles also known as the Reed and Eddie experience are currently on tour with their two man show. They bring a real showmanship to the stage. Don’t be fooled by the fluffy locks though, the word on the street is that there’s an extreme pyrotechnic display from those very mop tops in the encore and maybe a tiger. Don’t believe me? Just read some of the reviews.

“I don’t think this legally qualifies as theater” -Matt Simmons -Chicago Sun Times

“Half way through the show Eddie stopped to answer his cell phone” -Carrie Walsh -St. Louis Post

“It was opening night and Reed was already using an under study” -Robert Clifton -Washington Star

“It felt like I was watching an old man fall out of a wheelchair” -Brad Harris -Miami Globe


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