E-Bikes Equal Future Fun

All cyclists know the feeling of wanting a little more boost to get uphill or across town quickly. We have all come to love the perfectly timed tail-wind that pushes us home in record time. What if your next bike provided that extra push whenever you hopped on it? This is what e-Bikes offer, more power with each pedal stroke to get you where you are going faster and easier than ever before. Idealized for commuting and getting people out of their cars, e-Bikes (also known as electric pedal assist bicycles) like the Faraday Cortland and Cannondale Kinneto turn short trips into an urban adventure and take the sting out of the climb home. Newer to the scene are mountain bikes with the same electric boost. Some avid trail riders have taken to these as it allows them to go farther and ride more dirt in a short amount of time. With a wide variety of electric pedal assist bikes available, you can have the bike of the future today.


Recently we visited a number of our favorite e-Bike brands to see what is new. On our trip to Santa Cruz, CA, we experienced how well their future offerings perform on steep hills, rugged trails and quick trips to the beach. One surprise was the announcement that the German Focus brand, long known for building top-notch Tour de France and World Cup cyclocross race bikes, plans to increase their e-Bike offering to half of their current business – that’s how much they trust that many riders will come to appreciate a pedal-assist two-wheeler in their quiver.

Our street-smart Faraday Bicycles showed off some great new frame colors in their popular Cortland step-thru frame and will soon offer an external battery pack to add miles to you ride. While European stalwarts Kalkhoff and Gazelle displayed their best-selling Durban and CityZen models, both bringing the price-of-entry well into reach of anyone needing affordable, reliable transportation. These will have a limited range but are perfect for short trips to the store and through the neighborhood, you’ll just have to plug them in a little more often. On the high-end, brands like Stromer are equipping their top models with push-button electronic shifting and larger batteries for extended range between charging stops.

The hills are alive with miles of trails and dirt roads waiting to be explored. Pedaling an e-MTB is the fastest way to get out there. Some serious bikers have taken to riding their e-MTB uphill instead of sitting on a chairlift or shuttling their buddy’s truck. This gets them to the top faster and opens up more downhill runs in less time.

Bringing one to your cabin or on a camping trip guarantees fun for everyone that takes it for a spin. Hunters have been using e-mountain bikes to get into the woods and off the beaten path. Just remember that an extra battery may be in order as a long approach over rugged, uphill terrain will shorten your range. Having just spent some time on the Focus Jam2 and Bold2 bikes we are impressed at how well these bikes handle singletrack and dirt roads alike. Many of our customers have already experienced the Bosch powered Cannondale Moterra full-suspension bike. If you haven’t give us a call to set up a demo!

There are now a lot of great options to get any rider out on an e-Bike. Come on in and test-ride any of the choices we have on hand. Pedaling one is not only fun but it is the best way to experience the bikes of the future today.


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