Enervit is back!

We were all into this stuff like crazy a few years ago. But it left us like a girl friend on the first day of summer (editorial). Oh happy day though because it’s back on the shelves. There were rumors for a while that the factory burned down, or that the mad scientist who invented it went off the grid, or that Al Gore deemed the product unsafe for human consumption. But now it’s here and just in time for spring and summer.

If you’re not sure what exactly I’m talking about, I’m talking about the one and only Enervit Enervitene cheer pack. It’s essentially like Gu or Hammer gel but way better. First off it’s a double dose, it’s in liquid form, and has a resealable top. I know pretty much the greatest thing since curly fries. Come get yours.

sweet sweet nectar from the gods


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