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Faraday Bikes set out with a goal of getting more people riding bikes more often. For commuters and recreational riders alike, e-bikes are a great alternative, and Faraday is one of the nicest we’ve found. At first glance, a Faraday electric bike looks indistinguishable to a classic city bike. Faraday engineered numerous details to hide its e-bike features, such as a special battery that fits inside the downtube, a sculpted front hub with built-in motor, and specially-made polished aluminum handlebar that houses an LED headlight. Faraday’s elegant design isn’t skin deep, however.  Instead of a big, clunky system with a massive motor and a heavy battery, Faraday developed a smaller, efficient system that provides ample pedal assist for up to 25 miles, but, more importantly, keeps the bike light-weight and balanced.  At sub-40 pounds, a Faraday rides like a normal bike, which is a great thing. Faraday’s ground-up approach to design affords many unique advantages, many of which you’ll notice the second you get on one.

The Porteur and Cortland

Faraday Porteur Electric Bicycle

Faraday’s focus on simply making great e-bikes keeps their product line lean and mean. The Faraday Porteur is the company’s flagship e-bike, and is the foundation for the other three variations. The Porteur (along with the Porteur S, Cortland, and Cortland S) uses Faraday’s proven, proprietary electric system, which uses a 250 watt motor to provide pedal assist for up to 25 miles. While there are other e-bikes with greater range, they all suffer from additional weight, as well as long charge times.  The Porteur charges in 3 hours. And in real-world scenarios, 25 miles is plenty of range for almost all bike-appropriate trips.  The Porteur includes a set of beautiful, bamboo fenders, which are both stylish and functional, and is designed to accept a host of accessories, specially made for Faraday.  Included in the list of accessories is an extended range battery, and a sturdy front-rack for hauling groceries.  

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Faraday Bikes is making electric pedal assist bikes accessible to a new range of riders.  We have several Faraday E-Bikes in stock, and are happy set you up for a test ride.  Many of us at Contender have spent time on Faraday Bikes, so if you have any questions, please give us a shout at the shop, or shoot us an email at info@contenderbicycles.com.