Happy Cranksgiving

Thanksgiving has a different meaning for everyone. At Contender Bicycles, the fourth Thursday of November is a time of a cheerfulness and sharing with friends, family, and complete strangers. It is a time to reflect on what matters most, and showing gratitude for what’s important in life. Avid cyclists fill the walls of Contender Bicycles, and as Thanksgiving approaches, some shop members reflected on what makes them so thankful for cycling this year.


Nick Gaitan. Contender Bicycles, Salt Lake City Utah.Nick Gaitan

For as often as Nick is found in the shop, he seemingly finds an impressive amount of time to be outside. He’s also a man of great efficiency, and this reflects in his words. He said: ”I love being outdoors. Riding a bike is faster than walking or running.” Aptly said, Nick.





Tom Mckean Contender Bicycles. Salt Lake City, Utah.Tom McKean

Tom is a new addition to Contender, but he is a seasoned veteran when it comes to bicycles. He shared a quote from James E. Starrs that says “A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness”. Tom continued, saying that “when I am in need of an escape from my day-to-day, a bike is a short breath of fresh air. Nothing realigns the mind like a bike ride.”





Zane Enders. Contender Bicycles. Salt Lake City, Utah. Zane Enders

Zane is known around these parts for his zeal and love of bicycles. Don’t know the weight of a size small Time Scylon Aktiv frameset? He has it memorized. Looking for a go-to mountain bike trail in Park City? His knowledge is nearly encyclopedic. This Thanksgiving, he’s grateful for bikes because “there simply isn’t much to it. When I close my eyes and think about bikes, they thought puts a smile on my face every time.”





Yeti Shoemaker Contender Bicycles. Salt Lake City, Utah.Yeti Shoemaker

Yeti distinctively stands out from the rest as our resident MC in the shop. When asked why he was thankful for cycling, Yeti said that “There’s nothing better than moving through space on a bicycle. You see the world differently, and interact with it completely differently too. When I’m stopped at an intersection, you see things you’d never see in a car.”





Seth Kaser. Contender Bicycles.Seth Kaser

The shop-best bikepacker award goes to Seth, who dreams only of exploring by bike when he sleeps. He concisely answered why he was grateful for cycling with a list: “Sunsets, open shirts, friends crashing into grassy areas, and the ability to eat as much spaghetti as I want.”





Alvin Holbrook. Contender Bicycles. Salt Lake City, Utah. Alvin Holbrook

Why am I thankful for cycling? Well, the bicycle is both a means to an end as well as a source of joy. From grocery-getting to commuting, my bike reliably gets me everywhere i need to without the monotony of a car. On the other hand, few things top the feeling of satisfaction after a steep climb, and descending down a tight canyon road frees my mind from the stress and worry of my normal day-to-day.





It is remarkable how something as simple as a bicycle can be so many things for so many people. In this season of juiced-up camaraderie and thankfulness, the bicycle is something we are all thankful for. Ride safe, and have a great holiday everyone!


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