I got a need.. a need for speed

Every once in a while we get to cross paths with someone new to the sport of cycling but was at the height of another. Scott Russell is a former World Superbike and AMA Superbike champion and won the Daytona 200 a record 5 times. He’s retired now but still has the need for speed in his blood. To gain fitness and overall enjoy a sport that Utah is great for Scott rides his Scott CR1 3 and sometimes 4 days a week. He came in to Contender in need of our patented Biomechanic bike fit. As we dove into the fit it became obvious that Scott likes tech and wants to know every angle of his equipment. I’m glad to say he’s much better off on the bike now.

Mr. Daytona isn’t fully out of motorbikes though. He does commentary for Speed TV now. He’ll be at Miller Motor Sports Park this Memorial day for the AMA Pro Race. He said it’s a great time and if you’ve never seen a super bike race you’ll really be amazed at the speed. Want to know more about this two wheeled speed demon? Just google “Scott Russell” and see what comes up. He’s led an impressive life and he said to us he feels like he’s just starting a new one in learning to commentate and enjoying the sport from a different side.

That's Scott doing what he does best
This is for real, Scott is in the Motorbike hall of fame!
We're glad to have Scott on the team


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