Join the Gain Gang: the Orbea Gain eBike Sale is Here

Ready for change? We are as well. At Contender Bicycles, we’re all about change – especially when it involves changing the way you experience and enjoy riding a bicycle. The Orbea Gain is just the bike for that, and it is available now at an excellent price.

It looks like a road bike, rides like a road bike, but it can take you off-road, on-road, and almost anywhere a road can take you. All while leaving you wishing there were more hours in the day for pedaling.

Contender Bicycles has a range of Orbea Gain pedal-assist all-road bicycles in sizes from extra small to extra large and we’re ready to change the way you commute, the way you explore, and the way you ride.

Orbea Gain M20i 2020 Blue side profile

Gone are the days where riding an e-bike was socially unacceptable. It’s 2020 (at least, thankfully, for only a little while longer) and e-bikes long ago made the move from fringe transportation mode for urban hipsters to a fun, active, and refreshing way to get outside, enjoy pedaling with friends and explore countless miles of roads less traveled.

Why would an Orbea Gain be a wise addition to your stable of bikes? Let’s dig into that.

Orbea Gain M20i 2020 Blue detail collage

Not only is the Orbea Gain a good looking bike – we have it in seven different colorways – it’s a great bike on its own. The Ebikemotion X35 motor and battery are lightweight, barely visible to the untrained eye, and provide hours of pedal assist with up to 80 miles of range with the optional range-extender battery pack. The X35 motor provides up to an additional 250 watts of power to your ride, offers up to 40 Nm torque, assists up to 20 mph. That’s a nice boost when you are climbing the local canyon while also trying to carry on a conversation with your riding buddy.

Sure, you’ll get DQ’d from the local race, but who says every bike ride has to be a race? Who says you can’t ride a bike for the pure joy of riding?


Still, the Orbea Gain lineup and the Ebikemotion X35 motor aren’t going to turn your next ride into a moped outing. Pedal assist means you’ve got to do the work, too; if you’re not pedaling, the motor isn’t going to assist. Likewise, the X35 motor is labeled 20mph for a reason – as soon as you hit 20 miles per hour, the motor disengages. The Orbea Gain is designed to assist you on your ride, not do it all for you. 

Orbea Gain M20i 2020 Blue iWoc ONE Controller detail

Models range from carbon fiber frames with mechanical or electronic shifting, as well as drop or flat handlebars. Throw on a pair of road tires and hit the highway or mix things up with some knobbies to take gravel grinding to a new level. Wet, even snowy, roads are no problem. With up to 40mm clearance, you can toss on a pair of beefy tires to create the optimal footing for almost any style of ride in front of you.

The Orbea Gain also makes for a sweet four-season commuter. The frame is compatible with fenders to keep you dry and clean on the outside while the pedal-assist motor helps keep you dry and less stinky inside the clothes as you ride to and from work.

Contender has the following models ready to move:

  • Gain F30 – An urban rider’s dream. Sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame, flat handlebar with a Shimano Claris speed drivetrain. Light, nimble, responsive, and classy. 
  • Gain M30 – A lightweight carbon frame and fork, Shimano 105 components, and a sleek racy appearance so you can join the A group at the next club ride.
  • Gain M20 – Carbon frame and fork, Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, and a sporty aesthetic with upgraded wheels for a fast, responsive experience on asphalt, dirt, or gravel.
  • Gain M20i – Speedy, responsive Shimano Ultegra Di2 components reduce weight and increase satisfaction as you ride the road or the gravel path you’ve been chomping at the bit to explore.


Contender Bicycles picked up a shipment of Orbea Gain e-road bikes at an excellent price. Give us a ring or send us an email anytime to to learn more.

Photos by Cody Wignall.


Image of N Arr Alinsod
N Arr Alinsod says
November 12th, 2020

Interested in a small size frame - Gain M20i

Reply to N Arr Alinsod


Image of Nick Gaitan
Nick Gaitan says
November 12th, 2020

Hello and thanks for the comment. We have a few of the small sizes in the Gamin M20i available. I'll send a separate email to discuss, thanks!

Reply to Nick Gaitan

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