Make your bike work for you

There’s a lot of different types and styles of bikes out there but this one is all about comfort and luxury. I’m talking about this interesting piece of engineering called the Camioncyclette transportation bike. It’s the Volkswagen van of bikes but way more creepy. If you’re like me sometimes you want to carry an entire pallet of tracker tires with you on the way to your yoga class and before I could get at most one on my shoulder and that’s it. But oh no, not any more. Or say your a busy dad who doesn’t want to drive the minivan because… well let’s be honest it’s just not that cool but you still want to somehow drive your son’s entire little league team to the game. And while you’re on the way to the game you want the option to pick up a few other dads kids too, now it’s possible. Lastly, what if you want to impress that special someone with a night out on the town, but you don’t want to pay the $3.50 for that horse carriage. Pick her up in the Camioncyclette. Nothing says I care like sitting in a wire basket while you cruise through the streets at a mind splitting 7 miles an hour. And if she gives you any attitude about the idea just say “you’re not uptight are you?” You’ll be a regular Burt Reynolds with gems like that.

You... me... Friday night... and this thing. See you at 8.
The reason Megan's law was invented


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