Mountain Biking Trail Etiquette

Zane at Gooseberry Mesa

With the weather warming up, snow melting – and summer right around the corner – Utah’s mountain biking trails will be getting busy. From Corner Canyon to Flying Dog and Pinecone, when the trails get crowded we all must deal with an increasing number of obstacles. Runners, hikers, dogs, horses and other bikers can all work together to keep the trails safe and fun for everyone by following these 8 tips for proper Trail Etiquette:

Ryan and Julian in St George

  1. Yield to uphill trail users; Regardless of mode-of-transportation the uphill trail user always has the right-of-way.
  2. Yield to horses; Yeah or nay, an equine always has the right-of-way.
  3. Yield to hikers; hit your brakes and pull over for hikers and runners getting a workout on your favorite trails.
  4. Ring your bell; a handlebar mounted bell is a great way to politely pass others riding your way.
  5. Stay on the trail; Resist the temptation of cutting through switchbacks as this greatly increases erosion.
  6. Avoid muddy trails; Though tempting, riding in the rain has a negative impact on our already sensitive trails. Deep ruts, potholes and other irreparable damage will ruin them for weeks to come.
  7. Tune in; Riding with headphones in, or bluetooth speaker blaring, may be fun but they both greatly reduce your ability to hear what is going on around you. Stay tuned to your surroundings to better avoid an incident.
  8. Stay alert; Keep your eyes pointed down the trail to best see what is coming your way and be ready to slow your roll, or come to a stop, so everybody can enjoy themselves out there.

We want all of you to get out there and enjoy all of Utah’s great trails. Share the responsibility of keeping trails safe, fun, and in good repair, and you we will all be enjoying many miles of dirt far into the future.

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