Nick’s Review of the Orbea Ordu

Nick Gaitan recently came on board at Contender Bicycles. We are excited to now have some serious tri expertise from an accomplished Ironman. So we asked Nick to write a review of the 2013 Orbea Ordu. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this bike and FINALLY are available.

2013 Orbea Ordu
review by Nick Gaitan

Andrew Starkowicz setting the world's fastest bike split in an Ironman
Andrew Starkowicz setting the world’s fastest bike split in an Ironman

Late in 2012, the world’s fastest bike split in an Ironman distance event was posted in 4 hours, 4 minutes and 39 seconds. To put it in context, pro triathlete Andrew Starykowicz averaged a whopping 27.5 mph for 112 miles in Florida. Andrew crushed the old record for the bike portion of the race by nearly 7 minutes, not to mention that Starykowicz came into T2 with a 19 minute lead which demoralized the rest of the competition. Best of all, he did it on his new 2013 Orbea Ordu. This race and the impressive new world record have been talked about and analyzed now for months in the triathlon world. In the spotlight now is the bike that made this all possible and is now available, the new 2013 Orbea Ordu!

Triathletes everywhere can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that new and extremely fast 2013 Orbea Ordu is finally here. Ordu is not a new name in the triathlon world. Aboard this bike triathletes have been winning races from the Olympic distances to the Ironman-full distance. With multiple world championship wins, a new world record and many age groupers using it to tear up the bike portion in a race, it has become many a triathlete’s choice. While it took some time to finally be available, without a doubt, it was totally worth it. I for one am personally glad they took some extra time with it, the bike looks like a work of art and it’s a completely different ride compared to the old Ordu. Saying the new Ordu is an upgrade from the old is a huge understatement. Let’s talk basics first. The frame shape itself has been revamped, with what can only be described as a hybrid shape. The front of the bike, besides the integrated stem, is more traditional and rounded compared to the old Ordu’s diamond shaped head tube. The rear triangle became more modern with the classic Orbea “geometrical angles” in the chain and seat stays which helps with aerodynamics and comfort.

Hands down, the greatest improvement with the new Orbea Ordu is the versatility of the fit. One easy comparison to make is that the new Ordu has an upward sloping top tube and a fully integrated stem and fork. Due to the top tube being shortened because of the slope, there are various stem lengths offered to compensate for the different top tube lengths. Now, compared to the old you can easily dial in your reach, plus the stem is designed to move and pivot vertically so that you can also dial in your stack height to ensure the best fit and comfort while you’re maintaining an aero position. Orbea doesn’t stop there, the new Ordu is also able to accommodate a much larger range of riders with the smallest frame coming with 650c wheels.

When considering aerodynamics and ride quality, it seems no detail was spared. The rear triangle can fit from narrow to wide wheelsets but still ensure a snug aero fit. The rear brakes are now near the bottom bracket with a plastic cover optional to protect further from the wind. Even with the cover they can still be easily adjusted. The frame itself is comprised of Orbea’s high modulus carbon fiber, designed to have the best stiffness to weight ratio. The new shape of the bike itself is touted to be stiffer, yet not brutal as the rear stays are designed specifically to dampen vibration for a much more comfortable ride. Orbea has said the 2013 Ordu is 2 minutes faster than the old over 40 km, where the rider is travelling 40km/h. Do we believe it? Yes, but we could always ask a few triathletes lucky enough to get on this bike and tear it up. We could also look at the fact that Starykowicz came into T2 with such a lead that winning Ironman Florida looked easy. Stop by the shop in the next few weeks and see for yourself!

Building up the first Orbea Ordu at the shop.
Building up the first Orbea Ordu at the shop.
The ladies took the first one. Congrats to Lisa on her new Ordu.
The ladies took the first one. Congrats to Lisa on her new Ordu.

Please note that the Orbea Ordu 4:1 ratio fork is not UCI legal but a 3:1 ratio fork is also offered.


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