Contender Bicycles is proud to have built a dedicated fit and training studio combining experience and technology to provide riders the best fit and winter training program.

Please Note: Due to the current health challenges and risks of COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our fit & training center services until further notice. We are following CDC guidelines and hope to reinstate both programs as soon as we can assure the safety of our customers and employees. Thank you for bearing with us.

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The Contender Fit starts with a thorough interview to determine each rider’s goals, expectations, flexibility, limitations and riding style. After we gain a better understanding of the rider, the rider is observed on the bike for baseline measurements.

At Contender Bicycles, we believe that every rider interacts with their bike in their own unique way. Human function is highly complex and individualistic, There can only be individual solutions to individual problems which is why we believe that a formulaic approach to bike fitting will never truly succeed in the end.

A quality bike fit should specifically involve improving a rider’s level of symmetry on the bike at the lowest metabolic cost possible. We exclusively optimize every client’s position for comfort, stability, efficiency and performance according to what their current structural makeup will allow. Proper hip, knee and foot alignment are essential for injury prevention and optimal performance on the bike. Our fit session covers all the major areas of adjustment necessary to establish a safe and neutral position. Seat height is adjusted for appropriate leg extension with smooth, stable form and saddle setback gets adjusted for placing the pelvis in a balanced fore/aft position for leverage. Additionally, seat angle needs to be refined for soft tissue comfort and stabilization of the pelvis. Handlebar rotation gets adjusted for proper ergonomics at wrists and arms with handlebar height and reach modified for torso/shoulder reach.

The foot-bike interface is critical to bike fit. In order to make sure the foot is properly supported and aligned we devote a significant amount of time working on your cleat position as well as implementing arch support too. Cleats are positioned both fore/aft as well as side to side with the appropriate amount of rotation so that your foot is in the centre of your pedal’s float. If necessary we will use wedges to correct the cant of your foot, and shims to correct structural or functional leg length discrepancies. Adequately supporting the feet ensures optimal muscle firing patterns on the bike. Without this, poor muscle recruitment patterns often result, which can lead to muscular imbalances, increased strain on the joints, and ultimately overuse injuries.

All of our fitters at Contender Bicycles have undergone comprehensive training to understand the human body and the biomechanics of the body on the bicycle. By optimizing your bike fit, we can help you be more comfortable, ride more efficiently, and minimize the risk of injury for a lifetime of healthy, fun riding.

All measurements are documented and provided to the rider while also being kept on file at Contender Bicycles.

The Contender Fit takes approximately 1 hour and is $100.


Please note that we do not schedule any fit appointments on Saturdays or anytime after 2PM on Fridays. Please email us at info@contenderbicycles.com


If you are not in need of The Contender Fit and are just trying to resolve a specific issue, we offer our services at an hourly rate of $100.


We apply the latest science-based training principles through a combination of our top-notch facility and your power-testing for catered training parameters and accurate measurements of your cadence and power output. This is essential to get maximum results from your training time in class.

This scientific approach creates the ideal formula necessary to make the greatest improvements in fitness. Our goal is to not only make to get you fit and ready for spring riding but also to make sure that the fitness, knowledge and skills you’ve gained forge a more confident and better performing rider.

Wanting to provide a less invasive and intimidating form of testing, we use a MAP ramp test as opposed to a blood lactate test to determine your training levels . This test provides equally accurate power zones and a more objective value over interpretation of the lactate curve. Using accurate zones based on your current fitness level plays an important part in maximizing the effectiveness of the training program.

Camp starts in early November. Split into three 6-week training ‘blocks’ or phases, each block uses specific training principles. This challenges camp participants of all levels and helps us see improvements along the way ultimately motivating us to become a better cyclist. But let’s not forget one of the best reasons to sign up for the class – the chance to meet cyclists who are motivated to stay fit, to work hard and to have fun during those chilly winter months. Plus our expert staff and the legendary playlists keeps you motivated for the entire 90 minute workout.

For additional information, please feel free to contact our SLC shop (801.364.0344) or email info@contenderbicycles.com