There’s a saying in the cycling industry: Even if you’ve never ridden a Giant Bicycle, you’ve probably ridden a bicycle made by Giant.

Giant is not only one of the biggest brands in the bike biz, they probably have the biggest footprint in the business as the factory that contracts with countless other bike brands to provide carbon fiber materials and manufacture frames of all kinds.

We won’t name them, but many of the biggest brands on the planet use Giant’s technology, materials and factories to manufacture their own products. The reasons for this are two-fold: One, Giant has the manufacturing capacity to handle the task and Two, they have the experience and expertise to earn the trust and business of their competing bike brands.

Giant bikes carbon frame

A high performance grade raw carbon material is used by Giant to produce custom frame materials that are then transformed into the tubes that create bike frames. Giant has its own factory that makes the sheets of carbon fiber we’ve all come to know and love. Because most bike brands are somewhat small, sourcing carbon fiber frame materials is rarely done in house - unless you’re Giant.

While not the case for every single bike model, this business dynamic quite often means Giant and Liv bikes are less pricey than many of their competitors. After all, Giant has removed the middle man in the carbon fiber market.

It also sometimes means Giant saves the best for themselves, kind of. The proprietary blend of pure carbon fibers and fiber-reinforced polymers allows the engineers at Giant to design framesets that have unmatched comfort and efficiency. The lightweight performance produces excellent ride quality for riders from fitness enthusiasts to competitive racers.

Giant MTB

On Giant’s end specifically, the composite layup and tube shaping with ultra-thin and flattened seatstays, thin fork legs with slight curves and other features combine to result in improved complaint ride quality and that leads to reduced rider fatigue, longer rides and more frequent rides.

And, frankly, we’re all looking for more frequent rides.

Mountain biker on a Giant

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