A mountain bike is only as good as its suspension system. Giant and Liv want to make sure each ride in the hills is a good one, so they’ve created the Maestro Suspension System to maximize the performance of your full-suspension mountain bike.

Maestro Suspension is a unique bit of engineering and design Giant uses to help you make the most of each ride, no matter the trail.

Improving traction, speed, control and comfort, Maestro is an adjustable suspension system that delivers an active, smooth ride on cross country and enduro trails alike.

Giant Maestro

The Maestro system uses four pivot points, strategically placed, that work in conjunction with two linkage points to allow for a single floating pivot point that makes rides flow smoothly.

One benefit of the Maestro system is improved pedaling efficiency. The single, floating pivot point maximizes power transfer. Less power is lost in multiple pivot points as the rear triangle moves up and down while more power goes directly to the drivetrain.

Even when experiencing a hard brake on a downhill, the Maestro Suspension keeps you in control. Vibrations from the trail and big hits in rock gardens or sendy jumps are absorbed comfortably.

Giant Maestro

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