Giant Bicycles didn’t become the world’s largest bicycle maker by accident. Smart planning, excellent technology and a thoughtful corporate philosophy were all part of turning the small Taiwanese bike builder that launched in 1972 into the Giant (pun intended) industry force it is today.

At the forefront of Giant’s philosophy is a simple goal: Ride Unleashed.

Whether racing, recreating or commuting, Giant - along with its focused brands Liv and Momentum - knows its riders are more likely to stay riding and become loyal customers when the bikes they ride promote a sense of freedom in movement. Being unleashed is liberating for cyclists and Giant knows it.

mountain biker

Our purpose is clear: to unleash each rider’s full potential. Whatever your goal might be—winning a race, riding a technical trail, tackling a long weekend tour, or embarking on a new adventure—it’s exhilarating to follow that journey. And it’s not just about the achievement. It’s the pursuit,” Giant states. “It’s the rush you feel from getting out there and doing it. And it’s the feeling of being unconstrained. At Giant, we have created a whole universe around this idea. Our products, our stores and our community are all there to support you.”

Giant has developed three objectives to supplement their mantra.

BE LIMITLESS:  Build full ecosystems of bikes and gear to help riders push their limits.

OPTIMIZE THE EXPERIENCE: Innovate and create a feeling of new capabilities and exhilaration.

GROW THE COMMUNITY: Celebrate rider activities and achievements together.

At Contender Bicycles, we share Giant’s commitment to cycling not only as a business, but as a lifestyle. And that’s why we, like Giant, wants you to Ride Unleashed.

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