Q: What do you give a dad who broke his bicycle chain?

A: We’re not sure, but here are some links.

Fathers are our favorite jokesters. When they’re not making us cringe by telling dad jokes, they’re often happiest when riding a bike, and telling dad jokes to the group ride.

With Fathers Day 2021 upon us, we’re celebrating dads everywhere with a collection of gift suggestions to help your old man have the happiest of days and the best of rides. Whether you’re thinking about a new jersey, some primo cycling socks or a dad-friendly fanny pack (OK, it’s a hip hydration pack) Contender Bicycles just might be the ultimate toy store for dads and those who love them.

Don’t have kids yourself but still like to celebrate Father’s Day? You’re still ok in our books, even if you’re a faux pa.


Cycling Apparel

Q: What’s the difference between a businessman on a bicycle and a student on a unicycle?

A: Attire

When it comes to looking good on a bike - any bike - there are few options better than Rapha. With classic styles and trademark patterns, Rapha has become the brand known for premium quality function as well as fashion. Spoil Dad this year with a Rapha jersey, set of bib shorts or maybe just some sweet socks. Jerseys often last for years. Bibs, on the other hand, break down after a few thousand miles in the saddle. Upgrade Dad’s bibshort game with the luxurious 7Mesh Cargo Bibshorts.

Bike Computers

Q: What do you get if you ride a bike across a bridge?

A: Across the bridge faster than walking.

Measuring the miles and the speed it takes to cross them is easy and accurate with the Garmin Edge 830 GPS bike computer. It’s high tech - like your dad thinks he is - and links to satellites to help measure all your cycling data. Everything to heart rate to watts per kilogram is available at your fingertips as you download and analyze your training data to best optimize your training plans. Measure cadence and speed while using the pre-loaded maps to make sure you never get lost - whether you’re on pavement or syncing with the Trailforks app to find your way around unfamiliar mountains. Another amazing option is the Wahoo Element Rival Multisport Watch with water resistant GPS tracking for the swim, bike or run.

Bike computers



Q: Why did King Tut shave his head?

A: So he could be more Pharoahdynamic

If you or your dad is riding around in the stinky, stanky beat up helmet … it’s time for an upgrade. Not just to smell fresh and look fresh, but to make sure the ole noggin is protected. Over time, bike helmets inevitably take a few bumps and bangs. If you’ve dropped your helmet more times than you can count or, heaven forbid, crashed and hit your head, a new helmet with MIPS technology will be a great way to ride more safely, but also ride faster and cooler. The Giro Helios Spherical is the ultimate in protection with a MIPS system inside and unique rotating outer shell on the helmet that further deflects impact forces.

Nutrition Products

Q: What is a chef’s favorite bike race?

A: The Tour de Lini

Nobody likes a hangry dad. Make sure your father stays hydrated and properly fueled with nutrition products from Contender Bicycles. Skratch Labs offers some of the best tasting and best performing items you can put in your water bottle or hip pocket. Try the Skratch Labs Sports Hydration mix delivers electrolytes, carbs and calories to keep you pedaling hard. For a treat, the new Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bar is like snacking on one of grandma’s rice crispy treats, but with added endurance fuel ingredients.

Cycling Nutrition

Bells & Lights

Bell & Lights

Q: What’s the difference between a Boy Scout and your dad fixing a bike horn?

A: One says Be Prepared, the other says Beep Repaired.

No bike is complete without a couple of sweet accessories. Bike lights and bells increase rider safety as well as let others know you around. We’re big fans of the Blackburn 2Fer bike lights with front and rear lighting features. When it comes to bells, not everyone is a fan but that might change with just one ring of the SpurCycles Bell with its crystal clear and long lasting tone that helps announce your presence with the most soothing sound possible.

Cargo Bikes

Q: How many bags of groceries can dad haul at once?

A: All of them.

Trips to the grocery store are a lot more fun, and better for you, when you’re on a cargo bike. Contender Bicycles has a variety of bikes perfect for hauling cargo - whether that’s groceries, power drills from Home Depot or a couple of kids to the ice cream shop. The Yuba Spicy Curry has options galore for carrying stuff around while the Yuba Kombi E5 is a little smaller, but no less versatile. Both come with electric pedal assist powertrains to help riders with heavy loads and steep hills.

Cargo Bikes

Hydration Packs

Hydration Packs

Q: If water is H2O, what is the formula for ice?

A: H2O Cubed

Dads are known for having anything you need at any time - in the pockets of the cargo shorts, probably. At Contender Bicycles you can embrace the cargo space with packs that carry everything from water to tools and sunscreen. The ever-popular ‘dad pack’ is available with the minimalist Camelbak Repack LR with 50oz capacity and quick access thanks to the fanny pack inspiration. When it’s time to go big, there are few options better than the Evoc Stage 12L Technical Performance Backpack. Load up plenty of water, tools and maybe even a change of clothes and hit the trails.

Bicycle Repair Tools

Q: How did the lumberjack break his bike?

A: It was an axedent.

Dad’s home away from home isn’t very far away. It’s usually in the shop or garage where he keeps his tools and bikes. Help your pop complete his shop with an item or two from our selection of bike tools. You can never have too many hex wrenches around and the Feedback Sports 3-Way Allen Wrench is as versatile as it is strong. The PRO Torque Wrench  has everything a bike repair stand needs and, while we’re there, maybe your father could use a new Feedback Sports Mechanic Repair Stand to hold the bike steady instead of flipping it upside down on the lawn outside.

Bike repair tools

Contender Bicycles Gift Card

Contender Bicycles

Not much of a mind reader? There’s nothing wrong with cold, hard cash - in the form of a Contender Bicycles Gift Card - and your father won’t have to worry about dropping hints. Plus he can get exactly what he wants while window shopping for a new bike!