Contender Holiday Bike Bundles


Revitalize your biking experience. From 11/20 to 12/16, receive a complimentary holiday bike bundle with a qualifying purchase. Make your new bike ride ready with our exclusive bundles. These curated packages bring together top-notch accessories to seamlessly complement your ride. Head right out the door ready to ride!


For bike purchases between $1000 and $1999, enjoy 2 Contender Taunik Bottles for quick hydration during long rides. Choose between the lightweight Supacaz Fly Cage for secure bottle grip on rough terrains or the stylish Supacaz Side Swipe Cage with convenient side entry for tight spaces. Personalize your ride further by opting for either the efficient Shimano M520 pedals for enhanced power transfer or the versatile MSW Thump pedals for a comfortable flat pedal experience. This curated bundle adds premium accessories to complement your new bike, enhancing both style and functionality.


For purchases between $2000 and $3999, this enticing package includes 2 Contender Taunik Bottles, designed for functionality and hydration when you need it. Complement your bike's aesthetics and performance with 2 Contender Carbon Cages, blending style and practicality with their sleek, lightweight design. Tailor your ride with a choice of high-quality pedals, featuring options like Shimano T8000, M8120, R550, or Deity BlackKat to suit your cycling preferences. This exclusive bundle enhances your biking experience with premium accessories, ensuring a perfect match for your new bike.


Elevate your biking experience with our exclusive bike bundle, available for purchases over $4000. This premium package includes 2 Contender Taunik Bottles with an ergonomic design for optimal hydration, 2 sleek Contender Carbon Cages for a touch of elegance, and your choice of high-quality pedals to customize your ride. Enhance safety with the Blackburn Dayblazer 1000 Front + Dayblazer 65 Rear Light Set, offering powerful illumination and visibility during night rides or low-light conditions. This unbeatable bundle not only complements your new bike but also ensures you ride in style and safety.

No modifications or returns of the bundle are permitted, and the value of the bundle can not be used as a discount.