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Road, mountain and e-bikes FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN

It didn’t take long for Giant Bicycles to recognize women like to ride bikes, too, and they are not simply smaller versions of male cyclists. With that, Giant launched the Liv Cycling brand in 2008 with a line of bikes engineered and designed specifically for women.

Liv Cycling features a range of bikes comparable to their brothers with the Giant name badge. Racers on the road and the mountains have a variety of choices for cyclists of all abilities and interests.

While Liv products might share some of the same DNA as Giant bikes, they’re definitely unique. Designed from the ground up with Liv-specific geometry and separate molds for carbon frames, the bikes are unique in virtually every way.

Due to the specification and value, Liv has established itself as one of the most popular women’s specific bicycle brands. Liv’s road bikes can be found beneath some of the world’s fastest racers on the women’s world tour. Racers and recreational roadies alike appreciate Liv’s comfort, performance and affordability. From the high end Enviliv and Langma to the entry level, yet race worthy Avail, women who ride road have a variety of options that will guide them to podiums, finish lines or canyon summits.

On the dirt side, Liv isn’t much different. With unique engineering, excellent carbon or aluminum and top-flight components, Liv’s mountain bikes range from lightweight hardtails to full suspension trail bikes capable of shredding trails.

Other bikes from Liv include urban commuters and electric pedal assist bikes as well as uniquely designed kids bikes that will allow your youngster to grow from training wheels to race day if that’s what they into.

Liv bikes are beautiful, elegant and functional - much like the riders who own them.

LIV Mountain Bikes


Bikes That Conquer Mountains

Liv is the women’s specific line of bikes from Giant and while Liv bikes lean heavily on Giant’s expertise in bike building, these are not simply smaller versions of the men’s bikes. With unique geometry and specially selected components which more in tune with women’s cycling needs.

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From the exhilaration of your first trail ride to the epic challenges of Enduro World Series races, Liv’s mountain bike line has you covered for maximum rad. With unmatched traction and control, stable geometry, and the will to shred, our women’s mountain bikes are built for those who don’t just want to climb the mountain, they want to conquer it.

Liv has selected a series of names for its bike which inspire as well as reflect the wonder of riding bikes. Full suspension models such as the cross country speedsters called the Pique with 100mm travel and Embolden with a 130mm suspension system are complimented by more rugged and adventuresome Intrigue with 140mm travel and more capability on downhill trails.

Hardtails like the mid-level Tempt and the entry-level Bliss are lightweight and agile, good for crushing single track as well as having some fun on the neighborhood parkway trails with the kids.

LIV Road Bkes


The Fastest Women's Road Bikes

There are few feelings in the world of cycling that compare to the exhilaration and freedom that comes with a smooth road ride with the wind flowing through your hair and mile after mile ticking off almost effortlessly on your bible computer. Liv Bicycles is here to bring the life to your rides.

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You want aggressive speed and tighter control. You want smooth handling and a comfortable ride. Whether touring the coast with friends or digging deep for your next triathlon win, our aero technology has made Liv not only some of the lightest, fastest women’s road bikes in the world, but some of the fastest bikes in the world. Period.

The Liv Langma is a climbing weapon that can tackle the descents or any technical flat corner, with appropriate lateral stiffness and disc brake control. The Liv Avail is probably the most popular bike for Liv with a comfortable endurance-based geometry that’s as comfortable in races as it is on charity ride courses with hundreds of friends.

Flat bar road bikes like the Alight and Thrive are quick, nimble and fun ways to get around if short trips are in your future. Whatever it is that gets you excited to ride, Liv Bicycles has an option perfect for you.

LIV Urban & Commuter Bikes


Pedal to Work, or Around Town

Not every ride needs to be a race. With that in mind, Liv has a fantastic line of bicycles designed to add life to your day while making moving around town quick, easy and without parking hassles.


Jump on one of Liv’s capable and lightweight fitness road bikes and experience a new kind of workout, where you’ll feel alive with adventure. Explore routes around town or find yourself in nearby hills, meet new friends and open up to the possibilities. Cycling outdoors has a way of making workouts more rewarding, plus the views are unbeatable.

When you'd rather pedal to work than sit in traffic on your morning commute, and you prefer your weekend filled with adventures on the open road, Liv Bicycles should be near the top of your list of choices. Whatever your journey, the lightweight ALUXX frames and upright positioning of our women’s city bikes make any ride more comfortable and fun.

The Alight and Flourish are fun, comfortable bikes with step through frames and options to add racks, fenders or other add-ons that make commuting by bike more enjoyable.

The Liv Thrive may be the perfect women’s commuter bike. Crush your daily commute, conquer your fitness goals, and keep up with your friends at any speed. Liv’s Thrive E+ will help you find the inspiration to keep moving, no matter your fitness level.

LIV Kids Bikes


Starting a Lifetime of Riding Bikes

We all remember our first bike. Well, almost all of us do. When it comes to making memories and learning to love life on two wheels, Liv has a wide range of bike options for young riders of all ages and abilities.

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Learning to ride a bike offers girls a road to a lifetime of fulfilling independence and adventure. At Liv, we design all of our girls bikes to be stable, safe, and fun. With lightweight aluminum frames and low stand-over heights, we’ve covered all the details so you don’t have to.

The smallest of riders will gain confidence and skills on bikes like the Adore with size options from 12 inch wheels to 20 inches.

After the training wheels come off and the quest for adventure and excitement grows, the Liv STP is a youngster ticket to mountain bike experience. The STP has a front fork with suspension to take the bump out of the bumps with wheels size options from 20 to 26 inches.

The grown up women’s bikes such as the Alight and Enchant also have kid-sized versions that are quicker, sportier and perfect for riding to school, to a best friend’s house or soccer practice.



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