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Santa Cruz: No Missed Rides

Santa Cruz has a fairly simple approach to making what are otherwise considered highly-technical marvels on bicycles engineering. It can be summed up in three words - No Missed Rides.

What does No Missed Rides mean? It means first Santa Cruz puts a priority of making bikes that are reliable and don’t break down. Second, it means they recognize that even the best made bikes sometimes have mechanical issues so Santa Cruz put an emphasis on making their bikes easy to work on when the unfortunate happens.

The Santa Cruz website lists all necessary parts and pieces that you might need to purchase for repairs in your garage-based bike shop. In fact, Santa Cruz has even recorded a handful of videos and posted those on their website as well so you can follow along and make certain repairs yourself.

Santa Cruz Heckler

If you’re the original owner of your Santa Cruz and your find yourself in need of new bearings for the bottom bracket … they’re free. How’s that for cool?

Of course, some repairs are best left to the professionals and Santa Cruz bikes are made to be quick fixes wherever possible so you can drop your bike off and be back on the trail in no time.

Check out the Santa Cruz DIY videos HERE and order Santa Cruz specific parts and pieces HERE.

Few things are worse than planning a big weekend shred session with the crew only to half to back out because there’s a problem with your rear linkage. Instead of saying “Have fun, friends” make sure you’re saying “Let’s go!” when ride time arrives.

Santa Cruz Megatower