Trail conditions can change with every turn, every climb and every outcropping of rocks. Being able to successfully manage the myriad demands you and your bike will encounter is easier with Orbea’s Squidlock remote suspension system.

Squidlock mounts discretely beneath your grips and provides shift on the fly suspension adjustment for any bike capable of hosting a remote lockout and 3-position suspension. Squidlock is also available in a dropper-post model which provides one-thumb functionality to boost the performance of your mountain bike to another level.

A flick of the switch can take your suspension from lockout to a midrange and then to full throttle squishy fun in a matter of seconds to make sure you never lose momentum in race situations or when you’re just crushing the local trails that never fail to surprise you by requiring multiple suspension adjustments throughout the duration of your off road adventures.

By adjusting the tension in your suspension system, Squidlock allows you to ride more comfortably for longer distances. One level of suspension is simply not good for your bike or for your comfort level. With the convenient bar-mounted levers, you’ll be able to enjoy less suspension on less demanding trails and more suspension when the thumps and bumps get bigger.

Lightweight and minimalist in design, Squidlock shaves grams off your ride compared to other remote suspension systems while not sacrificing any performance. It’s also built to last so you’re confident in your ability to rip it on almost any trail at any time.