The patented Wolf Tooth Tuning Chip is integrated on the rear dropouts of all Otso frames. With the chip in the back position you have a longer wheelbase and lower bottom bracket making the bike more stable, more confident on washboard descents. Additionally, it gives you extra clearance when using bigger wheels/tires.

Flip it and the 20mm shorter wheelbase provides a different vibe and raises the bottom bracket clearance by 4mm for clearing rocks and roots on singletrack. It also moves the wheel underneath you making handling and power transfer slightly quicker.

An optional middle chip is available for giving you the best of both worlds.

The Tuning Chip gives you the ability to tune the ride of your Otso bike to your needs. A gravel-crushing Waheela with 700c and 45mm tires can be transformed – with a flip of the Tuning Chip and some 32mm tires – into a fast-rolling, quick handling endurance road bike. A Voytek will find itself in its element in the snow and AND the dirt by simply flipping the chip and switching between fat tire/wheels to 29+ with 3+ inch tires.

OTSO tuning chip