A true craftsperson spares nothing in ensuring each piece is of the quality they demand. Every detail is watched over with acute attention to process and materials. The end result is usually a product of exceptional quality and beauty.

Such is the case with each bicycle frame from TIME Sports.

The boutique bike makers from France aren’t interested in making and selling the most bikes. Rather, TIME Sports wants to create bikes with the best ride quality possible. The process might take a little longer, cost a little more and result in a frame that weighs a little more than some competitors, but the actual ride quality? Unmatched.

TIME Sports weaves its own carbon fiber in tubes, not sheets, and each bike is made in-house, not imported from mass production factories. This ensures each bike is constructed under the watchful eye of a quality control technician personally invested in the company.

The process used by TIME Sports is unique. In fact, they are one of only a couple of bike makers to weave their own carbon fiber into tubes - not pre-preg sheets - and then apply a strengthening process called Resin Transfer Molding, RTM for short. This is the same process luxury car makers like Lamborghini and Ferrari use in their manufacturing process.

In other words, RTM is amazing and the quality is unbeatable.

What, exactly, is the big deal with RTM and how does it impact ride quality compared to the high-quality sheets of carbon fiber material other brands use?

After weaving the carbon fiber specifically to the tube sizes needed, then injecting resin under high pressure directly into the molds instead of using a bladder form to shape the pre-preg carbon fiber sheets, a solid structure is created with a smoother surface and fewer voids in the carbon layers. This solid, smooth core ensures the frames have nearly perfect internal structure.

TIME bike painting

Aside from strength and stiffness in the TIME frames, one of the primary results from this manufacturing process is the unparalleled absorption of vibration from the road. Absorbing and dispersing road vibrations leads to a much more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. It’s like having a thousand tiny shocks in a road bike frame that eat up the road rattle without sacrificing stiffness or strength.

A TIME bike stands alone being 100% built by hand and 100% built in France and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The RTM frame construction is complimented on some TIME frames by the Aktiv fork - also using exclusive technology. The Aktiv fork available on select models of the Alp d’Huez, Scylon and Fluidity frames, uses an internal mass damper which adds another layer of vibration cancellation.

Ride quality is, was and always will be the primary objective of each TIME bicycle. An exquisitely designed and made frame constructed with only the most discriminating of processes and materials ensures this.

One ride is all it takes and you’ll appreciate the attention to detail TIME pays. Contender Bicycles is one of the leading TIME sellers in the world because we love the bikes and we’re sure you will, too.