In every race, you’re looking for an edge. On every ride, you crave a more efficient way to rip it from start to finish. With TwinLoc, SCOTT’s shift-on-the-fly remote suspension system, you have exactly that. You’ll never slow down to make adjustments or waste precious energy riding with more travel than the trail demands. Just flip the switch and move from lockout to mid-range to full suspension.

If you’ve been shopping for a SCOTT mountain bike for a while, you’ve undoubtedly been introduced to the term “TwinLoc” and seen it attached to a variety of bikes you’ve considered. But what, exactly, is TwinLoc and why is Contender Bicycles making a big deal out of it?

Scott Twinloc lever

TwinLoc sets SCOTT apart from other mountain bike brands with its efficiency, ease and function. In the blink of an eye - or about as fast as the trail condition can change with each turn - you can move from lockout mode to full travel as you suddenly drop into a techy descent.

Why do we love it? Because it makes us more efficient cyclists. How? With three levels of suspension, you’re able to maximize power transfer and minimize lost momentum and acceleration caused by too much travel at the wrong time.

With one flip of the thumb, TwinLoc simultaneously adjusts both the fork and rear shock to three levels of travel, each optimal for different trail and riding conditions. No other bike brand offers such quick, effective and efficient customization of the suspension system.

MTB descending in moutains

Three Levels of Control

Descend mode provides max travel. Tackle the toughest descents and rockiest trails with all the travel and comfort your bike can give you. SCOTT’s proprietary Fox Nude shock has two positive air chambers which remain open in Descend mode. With fill rear wheel travel maximized, you’ll feel confident in bombing your descents and have fully optimized damping and air spring rate.

Gentleman riding in the woods

Traction Control mode is perfect for trails with a little up, a little down, lots of twists and turns and roots and rocks necessitating bike handling skills to keep you moving quickly while managing obstacles.

SCOTT’s proprietary shock has two chambers for air. When riding in Traction Control mode, one chamber is closed off resulting in reduced effective travel and a more progressive spring air curve. Along with increased damping, Traction Control mode actually changes the geometry of the bike to make you sit higher, have more ground to pedal clearance and more efficient power for attacking technical climbs. Your bike is more nimble and agile.

A woman riding a mtb in the mountains

Lockout is just what it sounds like. When you’re climbing and need every watt of pedal force transferred to forward motion, railing a fire road or taking aim at the holeshot where instead of bouncing over non-existent obstacles you just need speed. Lockout mode turns your full suspension mountain rig into a rigid bike with maximum pedaling efficiency. Because big hits often come out of nowhere, TwinLoc’s Lockout mode features an emergency release built in to prevent fork and shock damage - think of it like an airbag for your suspension system.

With a handlebar mounted remote switch, TwinLoc is the definition of easy transitions from one mode to the next. Trail conditions change rapidly and with TwinLoc you can adjust your suspension system with each turn in the trail.

To demonstrate how TwinLoc is used, SCOTT broke down each time World Champion Nino Schurter shifted gears during a 4.4 kilometer lap of a World Cup race. Schurter had 160 actuations during the lap and spent 54 percent of the lap in Traction Control mode as he climbed technical trails and another 28 percent in Descend more on those trails. The other 18 percent of the lap was spent in Lockout mode as each lap featured a steady climb before hitting the rolling descents back to the start/finish line.

Clearly, the ability to quickly adjust modes on the fly helps Schurter win races. It can help you, too, even if you have no interest in lining up for a race.

Nino Schurter

Lots of bike brands use remote shock adjustment systems. But only SCOTT’s TwinLoc adjusts travel and geometry while minimizing suspension movement. Traction is boosted compared to competing bikes through chassis control and damping support.

TwinLoc appeal at first glance is the adjustable suspension. Its competitive edge in races is the area you’ll come to appreciate most. Pedaling efficiency is significantly improved when the power from each pedal stroke is transferred to acceleration instead of being absorbed in a squishy suspension system.

You may or may not be a racer, but if you value efficient pedal strokes and finishing rides with something left in the tank, you’ll love the SCOTT TwinLoc suspension system.