New Garmin Rally XC Power Meter Pedals - What You Need to Know

It is easier than ever to measure how much power you put out while on the bike. Between spider-based power meters and crank-based options, just about anyone who wants to measure their power has an option on the market, at least on the road.

But what if you want to measure power on your mountain bike or gravel bike? The Garmin Rally XC aims to be your solution not only off-road with SPD cleats but with the switch of a pedal body can be your power meter with SPD-SL or Keo cleats with ease. The Rally XC is available now in the shop, and here's what you need to know.

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The Rally XC belongs to the new Garmin Rally pedal series. The series consists of two road pedals as well as the Rally XC pedal utilizing Shimano SPD two-bolt cleats. All three pedals use the same power-measuring spindles, allowing riders to swap pedal bodies from SPD to SPD-SL platforms with ease. And because the Rally series itself is an evolution of the previous Vector 3 pedals, all Rally pedal bodies are backward compatible with Vector 3 spindles.

Like the Vector 3, the Rally XC offers a claimed 120 hours of battery life from replaceable coin-cell batteries. What's different from Vector 3? Maybe the biggest difference is updated hardware that Garmin says offers improved energy management. But there are also more robust seals to protect the internals from dirt and dust and minor hardware changes to again increase durability.

Garmin Rally XC pedals offer ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity from the jump as well as a claimed +/- 1% accuracy. Both of these mean the pedals can be updated and calibrated through Garmin computers and their smartphone app - a given - but it also means they place nice with programs like Zwift or TrainerRoad.

As one would imagine, installing a pair of strain gauges into where a standard pedal spindle resides means that the pedal itself is a bit bigger. As a result, the pedal height is a bit taller at 40mm. In comparison, our go-to SPD pedal, the Shimano XT M8100 has a bit more clearance at 32mm. While unlikely to make a difference in bashing rocks and roots, it is something to consider when choosing these pedals.

If you've been waiting for a power meter for your mountain bike or gravel bike, the new Garmin Rally XC pedal is a reliable and simple way to measure your power from bike to bike. Not only that, but they are adaptable to work on your road bike for the weekend and your mountain bike for your lunch ride. In that sense, there is no competition.

The Garmin Rally XC power meter pedal is in stock now at Contender Bicycles and ready for your next bike. Give us a call during business hours or send us an email to with any questions.

We Know You're on the Edge of Your Seat - Contender Club Kit Coming Soon!

The jersey might be out of the box, but we won't spill the beans. 2021 Contender Bicycles Shop Kits coming soon.

Some New Rapha Digs to Dig Into This Spring

Our picks from the latest Rapha spring and summer collections are made for warmer temperatures and sunny days. We have the rundown on what's new, what's updated, and what's hot in the shop now.

There's a lot to like in the latest spring and summer Rapha apparel drop. Besides new colors for their beloved jerseys and bib shorts, the collection available at Contender Bicycles has expanded to include new pieces for both men and women, on and off the bike.

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Explore Long Sleeve Pullover

Rapha calls this newest bit of kit the Explore Long Sleeve Pullover, which seems to be a concerted effort rather than calling it a jacket or jersey. Part of that is a lack of pockets on the lower back, which when paired to a knit Polartec Power Grid fabric and windproof arms, make this pullover usable both on-bike or off-bike.

Out of all of the new kit we have that works well if you're riding the bike or not, the Rapha Explore Long Sleeve Pullover might be the most impressive.

Brevet Lightweight Jersey in Terracotta Brick

The Brevet Lightweight Jersey from Rapha seems to be the antithesis of the paper-thin jerseys we tend to see on the market. Designed to be hard-wearing in the face of day after day of long-distance riding, this jersey also offers more pockets and greater reflectivity than your average jersey. New for this year is a Terracotta colorway that'll look even better with wear.

Despite being the lightweight of the Brevet line, this jersey bucks trends to be our go-to for ultra-endurance riding and variable conditions.

Core Lightweight Jersey in Twist of Lime and Birch

Like a majority of kit we have this year, any updates to the Core Lightweight jersey comes in the form of new colors. The stars of the show has to be the Core Lightweight Jersey in Twist of Lime or the Women's Core Lightweight Jersey in Birch. Besides the new colors, this jersey offers great value in quality fit and stellar materials made for our hottest Summer days.

The Core Lightweight Jersey, available in both men's and women's cuts, is one of our go-to summer jerseys. New colors are the icing on the cake.

Women's Pro Team Flyweight in Nightshade

We have said a lot of good things about the Pro Team Flyweight Jersey HERE and HERE, and none of those things change when talking about the the women's cut. This jersey has been tested time and again on Grand Tours and ultra-endurance races, but the low-profile fit means you can focus on riding without distractions.

While we have both the Pro Team Flyweight in men's and women's cuts, it is this new Women's Nightshade and Black Plum color that knocks our socks off.

Women's Core Cargo Shorts

The Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts have found a lot of happy homes in the past year, thanks in part to the shorts offering extra pockets to stash food, warmers, or whatever else you'd like. And when they're not in use, the elastic banding makes them no different than other shorts. New this year is a Women's Cargo Short, because everyone deserves useful pockets.

Think of it this way: the Rapha Women's Core Cargo Shorts are the Rapha shorts you love with an extra bit of usefulness. We're big fans.

Pro Team Bib Short in Blue Sky Captain

There's not much to say when it comes to the Rapha Pro Team Bib Short that we haven't already HERE and HERE. Barring personal preference, these shorts are some of the best you can find for the money, and their hard-wearing materials mean your investment keeps you riding for longer. The Pro Team Bibs are a staple in the shop.

New this year is the Rapha Pro Team Bib Short in Blue Sky Captain, an excellent complement to something like the Brevet Lightweight Jersey.

The New SRAM GX Eagle AXS Shifts the Paradigm

Maybe you’ve heard - new bikes will be hard to find this year. While we currently have a pretty good supply at Contender Bicycles, we’re prepared for the predicted shortage that has hit some shops harder than others already.

With that in mind, if you can’t upgrade to a new bike, how does upgrading your drivetrain sound? Not only can you do that with the new SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit, but we have a limited run of these kits in stock now and ready to upgrade your ride.

A New Contender T-Shirt and Hoodie Made to Fit Spring

Spring is right around the corner with the promise of blooming flowers, lush greens, and cool temperatures. To celebrate the season, we've put together the new Contender Bicycles Topo T-Shirt, inspired by the green atop alpine forests, and the Contender Shop Hoodie to keep you cozy on cool spring evenings.

The new Contender Topo T-Shirt shows off our five local canyons atop a heathered forest green backdrop, while the Contender Shop Hoodie keeps you comfy on cool spring evenings. Hand-drawn by our own Ben McIntosh, both are available now in limited quantities.

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Topo designs come and go, but the Topo tee has some serious staying power. Hand-drawn maps evoke older skills and adventure, and perhaps most importantly offer a connection to the land around us that offers value greater than what we can see immediately around us. Alongside the Contender Topo Sweater, the Topo tee offers perspective and reverence to the canyons we love so much.

The Contender Shop Hoodie is about repping your favorite local shop while staying comfy around the house or after a long ride. It features our classic Contender logo, a connection to Salt Lake City and Park City, and a bicycle of course. A front pocket keeps your hands warm, and a hood means you are as warm as you'd like to be.

Wear both with pride on the trails or when casual Friday rolls around and you need to remind yourself of your next weekend destination.

An Inside Look at How We Build Our Custom Bikes

Our process of custom building a bike is about as methodical as it gets. And while custom-built bikes allow us to loop riders in on everything from the handlebar tape to chain of choice, the process of putting those moving pieces together into a rideable, well-tuned bike is harder to share.

In our latest video, we pull back the curtains to show just how our bikes are put together. That this build is a custom-painted OPEN UP gravel bike shod with Campagnolo Ekar, Campagnolo Shamal wheels, and Easton components is the icing on the cake.

A New and Improved

Maybe you won’t even notice - and that would be a good thing, as far as we’re concerned - but there’s a new and improved that we believe will make your next visit to our website better.

You’ve come to trust Contender Bicycles to be the best bike shop in the region. Our selection, expertise, and inventory are hard to beat. That’s why you’re here reading this and why we have such a loyal and demanding family of customers. We want to make sure our website keeps pace with our brick-and-mortar stores.

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The new has been a long work in progress because we wanted to not just pretty up the place, but make it much more useful. Instead of just showing pictures of bikes and letting you wonder “maybe they’ve got it, maybe they don’t,” we’ve put a lot of effort into integrating our website with inventory while providing much more rich content and information on the bikes, components, and accessories you have come to depend on us to provide.

We know the world has become more mobile and less tied to a desk. Accordingly, we’ve sunk resources into making the mobile version of our site match the functionality of the desktop version. Searching for items - ranging from complete bikes to wool socks - is easier than ever.

Our in-store inventory system is now much more aligned with our e-commerce efforts and reflects that. That applies to much more than bikes. Being able to more accurately display components and accessories will help you find the gear you need and spend more time riding and less time driving to the shop to buy a product we don’t have in stock.

We’ve upgraded our site to include a more expansive list of what’s available in the shop and added a feature that allows you to buy the item and select where you’d like to pick it up. If you live in Park City, just let us know you’d prefer to visit our shop at the bottom of White Pine Canyon and we’ll have it there. Again, that’s more time in the saddle and less time behind the steering wheel.

Order a Contender Bicycles kit, some spare tubes, and a fresh batch of your favorite hydration drink mix and we’ll let you know when it’s ready for pickup. Heck, we’ll even walk it out to your car with curbside pickup availability.

In addition to all the technical upgrades, we’ve upped our content game. Curated content, product reviews, technical breakdowns, and community news that will improve your buying and riding experience. We want you to be as well informed as you are well outfitted.

We hope you don’t even notice all the work we’ve done to make better. Instead, we hope your visit includes a few clicks and a positive experience and leaves you excited to get out and ride.

The OPEN WIDE ENVE Edition Is a Celebration of Adventure

Last week, OPEN put out a blog post informing everyone of another collaboration with ENVE Composites, this time for the OPEN WIDE. Most collaborations we've seen in the past from ENVE, SRAM, or Ultradynamico are largely limited to unique paint colors and left at that. This latest collaboration of the OPEN WIDE ENVE Edition features the new ENVE Adventure fork featuring, among other things, rack mounts on the fork, a first for any OPEN.

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OPEN UP Enve Edition

The OPEN WIDE is unique for its road bike-like weight and geometry. After all, the ability to use a massive 27.5 x 2.4" or 700c x 46mm tire without compromising geometry is no joke. And while their stock colors grey, orange, or turquoise are beautiful in their own right, special edition frames tend to spice things up.

OPEN UP Enve Edition

Every so often, however, OPEN's collaboration frames make a detour in paint and scheme, and the WIDE ENVE Edition follows suit with something truly unique. The green to yellow fade is pure 2021 detailing, but just before the color gradient is unique topographic detail, similar to the Matte Bouron custom-painted bike we had here not long ago. What that bike didn't have, however, is the individually-numbered frame detail by the bottom bracket letting the owner know exactly what frame they have out of 100 frames available worldwide.

OPEN UP Enve Edition

Complementing the limited edition frame is a color-matched fork, utilizing the new ENVE Adventure fork rather than a standard OPEN U-Turn fork. The ENVE Adventure fork features three accessory mounts on each fork leg, axle flip chips to tune your ride, as well as internal dynamo routing for powering lights or electronics. Besides supporting a local company in Utah, the ENVE Adventure fork can fit up to a 29 x 2.3" tire or a larger still 27.5 x 2.6" tire as well. Beautiful and functional.

OPEN UP Enve Edition

Want one for yourself? See the OPEN WIDE ENVE Edition, or contact us by phone or email to discuss a complete build.