Paris-Roubiax on tap

It’s Roubaix time and that means drama. Who’s hot? Who’s not? We got a pretty good glimpse of who’s the strongest classics man last week in Flanders but are there any other threats out there who can mount a challenge? Last year a dark horse took the crown and this year without Cancellara the dynamic of the race will certainly be different. Who’s your pick?

Boom boom Boonen has got a target on his back, can he pull it off again?
You can expect a little of this on Sunday. Why are all the Spanish guys involved in these crashes?
I think Pozzato has got some sneaky form ready to bust out
Juan Antonia Flecha always rides a special Pinarello for Roubaix. I hope this year he takes it.


Image of Patrick (wears his sunglasses at night) Ramirez
Patrick (wears his sunglasses at night) Ramirez says
April 4th, 2012

1. Juan Antonio Flecha
2. Tom Boonen
3. Random guy from the long break who gets caught and then blasted by Boonen in the sprint. (Juan Antonio Flecha solo into Roubaix though)
Honorable mention- George Hincapie, I see a spectacular explosion in his future.

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Image of Sam (wears his sunglasses whenver he wants) Todd
Sam (wears his sunglasses whenver he wants) Todd says
April 5th, 2012


You are the eternal optimist. Nobody, including Flecha, thinks Flecha is EVER going to win PR. You can take top five to the bank, but he can't win it.

Boonen is going to win but, of course, that's boring.

-Chavanel solos to victory while everyone marks Boonen on a pee break

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Image of Alison
Alison says
April 5th, 2012

I am going for an all SKY podium.

1. Edvald Boasson Hagen
2. Bernhard Eisel
3. Juan Antonio Flecha

Even though, I didn't pick Flecha for the never know.... I'll choose to be an optimist about Flecha.

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Image of Bill
Bill says
April 6th, 2012

With Fabian out it's now time for the other Swiss powerhouse, G. Rast wins.

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Image of Cody
Cody says
April 6th, 2012

1. Big man Tom Boonen... Fresh off Flanders. It's in the bag!
2. Pozzato
3. Because its funny - Hincapie

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