There is nothing quite so liberating as commuting by bicycle. Freed from the confines of your car you are better able to connect with your city, and relieved of the hectic mess of stop and go traffic you’ll soon find your days so much less stressful. Not everyone, though, has the liberty to arrive at work sweaty from the ride in. The Stromer ST1 and ST2 provide the ultimate e-bike alternative for your daily commute, capable providing power assistance up to 90 miles on a charge. Just as Tesla is redefining our expectations of the electric car, Stromer is for the electric bike. Utilizing the revolutions in battery technology and a cutting edge electric motor Stromer’s can get you where you need to go with ease. Most important though, they are just plan fun to ride!

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Stromer ST2 Black Sport Side

Stromer ST2

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image shows a Stromer ST1 electric bike in sport geometry and Black color

Stromer ST1

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