Assos armFoil_evo8

Assos armFoil_evo8


Skip the sunscreen and still fully protect your arms from the sun’s harmful rays with the newly redesigned Assos armFoil_evo8.



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Layer on the Assos armFoil_evo8 for protection on hot, sunny days out on the road. When you need to protect your skin, these sleeves are a great choice. So thin you barely notice they are there, the sleeves have grippers to hold to your upper arm, even when you are sweating. No need to wear sunscreen on you arms, the Assos armFoil_evo8 has all the protection you need, from shoulder to wrist. More of an arm cooler than an arm warmer, this lightweight sleeve offers sun protection without increasing your body temperature.

The Assos armFoil_evo8 is available in three sizes,  0 – II, from 0 on the smallest side to II as the largest. It is available in the color White.


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