Assos hL.sturmNuss
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Assos hL.sturmNuss


When the riding conditions call for rain and cold temperatures, reach for the new Assos hL.sturmNuss rain pants. Featuring Assos custom made Triton material for phenomenal protection from the elements, these full length tights keep you dry, warm and ready to ride while still allowing for a full range of movement on the bicycle.



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The highlight of the Assos hL.sturmNuss is it’s incorporation of the Triton material. An Assos specific fabric, the Triton textile acts as a barrier against water while still allowing the garment to breathe and shed excess heat generated during exercise. While this isn’t a new concept for technical garments, what’s unique to Assos’ Triton material is the textile’s ability to mediate the size of it’s pores. The material will swell as the temperature decreases, allowing the garment to retain more heat to help you stay warm. As temperatures rise, the Trition material will open its pores, allowing heat to dissipate more freely and keeping you at comfortable temperature. Regardless of the pore’s dilation however, the Triton material still keeps outside moisture at bay –essentially, Triton’s pores are directional, they allow heat and moisture out, but will not pass water through the outer membrane of the garment.


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