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Assos iJ.haBu5 Jacket


The Assos iJ.haBu5 Jacket features wind protection with two-way stretch insulator fabric specifically engineered for cooler riding conditions.



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For the typical riding throughout the winter of Utah, the Assos iJ haBu5 Jacket is all that you need. When it drops into the the low 30s simply layer more underneath and then when the weather creeps higher and higher, the jacket is light enough to be stuffed into a back pocket. With stratagonLight material throughout the chest, shoulders and front of the arms, the jacket provides solid wind protection with great stretch. Throughout the jacket, Assos RXQ fabric is intelligently used. As a highly breathable, two-way stretch, soft-touch, microfiber insulator fabric, RXQ is specifically engineered for cooler conditions. The brushed fleece inner surface is a hollow fiber micro polyester blend, featuring 3D air channel structure, which creates a next-to-body micro air cushion maximum moisture movement keeps you as dry as possible. The jacket gives you three rear pockets with the two outer pockets being zippered.


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