Assos legWarmers s7
Assos legWarmer s7

Assos legWarmer_s7

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The all new Assos legWarmer s7 not only has the latest RXQ fabric but features an all new cut unlike any warmer seen in cycling.



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Product Description

The cut found on the Assos legWarmer s7 features a large scalloped end to cover the entire outer thigh while giving plenty of space to ensure that you don’t have chaffing issues on the inner thigh. No one including all of us at Contender Bicycles (whether male or female) likes the decidedly unflattering thigh bulge that is created when tucking warmers underneath shorts. Sometimes the pros simply pull the warmers over the top of the shorts and we are convinced it is to avoid “the bulge”. With the all new Assos warmer design, “the bulge” is a thing of the past.


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