ASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring/fall_s7 Base Layer
ASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring:fall_s7 Base Layer backASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring:fall_s7 Base Layer side

ASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring/fall_s7 Base Layer


Suit up for comfort during the changing seasons with ASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring/fall_s7 Base Layer. With an ergonomic fit, this garment keeps you fresh and ready as you work up a sweat.

Day temperatures can vary minute to minute in the Fall and Spring. With this versatile body insulator, your body can adjust accordingly as your ride. The proprietary Assos fabric made from polypropylene and spandex helps the garment fit like a glove, acting as a personal temperature moderator depending on how you sweat.



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Assos has simplified down four base layer models: summer, spring/fall, early winter, and winter. Additionally sizing comes in four options from 0 on the smallest side to III as the largest baselayer. The fibers use the humidity as an insulator or coolant to keep you comfortable on the bike. The general rule of thumb is that the more you sweat, the lighter you should dress, with this ASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring/fall_s7 Base Layer being Assos’s second lightest layer.

This base layer uses an open mesh construction technique to efficiently transfer moisture to your outer layers. It uses a textured yarn with reduced volume to give a near perfect insulating effect, keeping your body temperature steady during the highly weather variable Spring and Fall seasons. You get full freedom of movement, with the garment seamlessly following your position on the bike for added comfort.


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