Garmin edge 520 bundle
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Garmin Edge 520 Bundle


With the Garmin Edge 520 Bundle, Garmin has upgraded one of the most popular cycling computers ever. Now with a full-color display, greater social media connectivity, and the ability to communicate with your home trainer or Vector 2 pedals this is one fully featured device. Improve your training when riding with the new-and-improved Edge 520 from Garmin.

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Track your rides, share the information and go back for more with the Edge 520 cycling computer from Garmin. Starting with a solid aerodynamic shape, that blends in with any good road bike, and a larger screen the 520 makes tracking one’s ride details easier than ever. Packaged with a cadence sensor and heartrate strap this bundle allows you to get the most out each and every pedal stroke. Also, the Edge 520 can be connected with your smart-trainer at home or power metered Vector 2 pedals. The Edge 520 will communicate with your smartphone, when riding, so you know if you can keep pedaling or stop to take a call. Cyclists with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting can also use their Edge 520 to display their current gear selection – now that’s high-tech. Garmin makes it easier than ever to monitor your effort, record your rides and prove it all on social media with their Edge 520 device.


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