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Knog Blinder MOB The Face


The Knog Blinder MOB The Face is the perfect light to safely wind your way through the city making you visible to everyone around you. Lightweight, at 35g, and 100% waterproof, this light has the durability needed to help you conquer the toughness urban riding requires.



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This light can be bought as either a front or rear light. The front light pumps out 80 lumens of light while the rear uses 44 lumens. Both riders ahead and riders behind will see you from up to 1.2 km away by using this powerful light. It uses a focused beam of 35 degrees to guarantee the light will be easily seen and not just dissipate into the darkness.

The light features five different modes: Steady High (2.6 hrs), Steady Low (6 hrs), Strobe Flash (4.4 hrs), Fancy Flash (20 hrs), and Eco Flash (55 hrs). The light comes with interchangeable straps, two for the front and three for the rear, so you can fit the light onto different seatpost and handlebar sizes including Aero posts and oversized bars. When it is time to recharge the battery you will be notified by a red, low-battery indicator on the light. Plug the integrated USB plug into your computer or USB drive, and in a matter of hours you’ll be back out on the road. The Blinder MOB The Face light is available in two colors, Black and Silver.


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LIGHT OUTPUT : FRONT 80 lumens // REAR 44 lumens
DIMENSIONS : 42 x 42 x 62mm
WEIGHT : 35g
BIKE ATTACHMENT : 2x removable FRONT light straps for bars 22-27mm / 27-32mm and 3x removable REAR light straps for posts 22-32mm+ and AERO POST COMPATIBLE
LIGHT MODES : Steady high, steady low, strobe flash, fancy flash, eco flash.
Steady high: 2.5hrs (front); 2.6hrs (rear)
Steady Low: 5.1hrs (front); 6hrs (rear)
Strobe Flash: 5.3hrs (front); 4.4hrs (rear)
Fancy Flash: 23hrs (front); 20hrs (rear)
Eco Flash: 62hrs (front); 55hrs (rear)