OPEN One+ Eagle XX1 Complete Bike

OPEN One+ Eagle XX1 Complete Bike




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Like the OPEN Unbeaten Path U.P., we’ve built up numerous OPEN One+ Frames into highly-customized dream bikes.  Our first (and one of our absolute favorites) is Andy Kessler’s personal One+.  If you’re unfamiliar with OPEN, Andy co-founded OPEN with famous Cervelo co-founder Gerard Vroomen.  Both Andy and Gerard built independently-successful careers with some of the biggest names in the industry, so when the two got together to form OPEN, they created a new goal – build a small, dynamic company focused not on quantity, but on making a few models as good as possible.  After the success of the OPEN O-1.0 (and sibling OPEN O-1.1), the German brand added a new criteria to its list of design requirements – versatility.  As OPEN was developing their new mountain bike frame, there began a shift in the bike industry toward wider and wider tires, and away from ultra-narrow race tires.  The OPEN One+ offers some of the very best tire clearance available – 2.4″ wide tires on standard 29″ wheels clear with ease (thanks to Boost hub spacing and highly-shaped tubing).  But the real versatility comes in the form of clearance for Plus tires – 27.5″ x 2.8″ wide tires to be exact.  The additional width and air volume gives a massive increase in traction and compliance to an otherwise race-ready platform.  For those looking for the lively, snappy, and lightweight ride of a hardtail, the One+ checks all the boxes.  For those who want the aforementioned ride but with extra stability and confidence in loose dirt, rocks, and sand (or anywhere else, for that matter), the One+ does that, too.  It’s become a shop favorite for many of the rides in and around Salt Lake City, Park City, and beyond.

Gerard and Andy’s goal of keeping OPEN small and dynamic means they only offer two models (Unbeaten Path U.P. and One+), and only offer them as frame-only.  For the bike-obsessed among us who spend weeks hand-selecting every component, this means every OPEN is a blank canvas for building our own dream bike.  However, that sky’s-the-limit bike build can get complex and costly, and far from timely.  Because of this, we’ve curated our own, exclusive OPEN One+ Eagle XX1 Complete Bike, with just a few options to make it perfect for you.  We based our build on our owner’s personal One+ (and several One+ bikes we’ve put together), choosing high-quality, highly functioning parts to match the OPEN’s own attention to detail.  We started with a Rockshox SID RLC 29″/27.5Plus fork – the same fork will work for either a 29″ wheel or a 27.5″ plus setup, matching the versatility of the One+ frame.  Keeping with simplicity, we’ve selecting the latest Sram 1×12 Eagle XX1 build kit, which functions extremely well and is the lightest group on the market.  To finish off the build, we’ve selected Stans’s No-Tubes Flow EX wheels.  Stan’s is synonymous with tubeless, and the latest Flows are reasonably light, very strong, and offer the desired width for 2.8″ tires (for 29″ builds, we’ve selected a lighter and narrower Stan’s Arch MK3 wheelset).  You can view the detailed spec below or in our “specifications” tab.

Whether you’re heading to Salt Lake City, or prefer we ship your OPEN One+ mountain bike to you, we’ll do a full, professional bike build, dialing in shifting and braking, truing wheels, etc. If you’re unsure about sizing, give us a call or email us at to talk through geometry and fit. And although this is a “stock bike,” we are more than happy to discuss variations of this builds (note actual bike may vary slightly from images.  Please refer to tech specs listed below).


For some personal thoughts on the OPEN One+ (and the inspiration for our OPEN One+ Eagle XX1 Complete Bike), head over to our blog for a new review.

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OPEN Cycles ONE+ Geometry Chart

Size-Specific Component Dimensions
Crank Length: 170mm (S), 175mm (M & L)

OPEN One+ Eagle XX1 Complete Bike Specifications