Shimano 105 chain

Shimano 105 HG600 11-Speed Chain


Optimized for 11-Speed drivetrains, the Shimano 105 HG600 11-Speed Chain offers smooth shifts and a great lifespan.

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The Shimano 105 HG600 11-Speed Chain is also very quiet while riding. The links run smoothly across the cogs and chainrings thanks to a treatment known as Sil-Tec. The treatment provides great durability, incredible contact with the cogs to provide crisp, smooth shifting even under load while climbing. If you properly clean your drivetrain and lube the chain when necessary, the chain will remain ultra-quiet and last even longer. The 105 chain is compatible with 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace drivetrains and will also work with SRAM setups. The chain weighs 257 grams on average.


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