Shimano SH-XC7 Mountain Shoe Wide
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Shimano SH-XC7 Mountain Shoe Wide


For a low-profile shoe with enough traction for rugged trails that can accommodate a wide foot, the Shimano SH-XC7 Mountain Shoe Wide is a great choice.



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Built to accommodate a wider foot, the Shimano SH-XC7 Mountain Shoe Wide remains lightweight, stiff, and rugged to help you conquer any type of trail condition the mountain presents. The mid-sole of each shoe is reinforced with stiff carbon fiber, aiding in the shoes’ light weight and power efficiency. Dual density rubber compounds compose the outsole balancing traction, durability, and flexibility to handle tough trail conditions. The outsole uses a rubber, anti-slip pattern at the arch and an exclusive Michelin pattern for the rest of the outsole, with excellent mud-shedding and traction properties. In addition, an Adaptable Cup Insole is used in each shoe to optimize the heel angle and ensure stability while pedaling.

For the upper, the shoes use a malleable, high-density synthetic leather to mold to your feet for a great fit. The material is perforated for venting, allowing air to travel through the shoes as you pedal to keep your feet cool and dry.To keep your feet secure yet comfortable, each shoe uses a micro-adjustable Boa IP1 dial that can easily be adjusted on-the-fly. The Boa IP1 Dial is spread over three anchor points and uses a Powerzone wire guide. Not only does this design keep the feet securely in the shoes, it also more evenly spreads pressure over a larger area of the foot to avoid painful pressure points. Each shoe also has a hook-and-loop strap at the forefoot to further customize the fit of each shoe for your comfort.

The Shimano SH-XC7 Mountain Shoe Wide is available in sizes, 40 – 48. The shoe is available in the color Black.


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