Sigma BC16.12 Cycling Computer

Sigma BC16.12 STS Cadence


Track you progress while you ride with the Sigma BC16.12 STS Cadence cycling computer.

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The Sigma BC16.12 STS Cadence is a wireless cycling computer with many functions to track your progress while you ride.  In addition to giving you an accurate cadence measurment while you pedal, the computer also records speed, trip distance, trip time, odomoter, temperature and averages.  The computer head rests nicely on your handlebars and can be easily seen without distracting you while you ride. The computer is a digitally coded double wireless computer for the most demanding riders. Whether used for training or recreation, this computer will exceed your expectations. Featuring cadence, a stopwatch, temperature display, and backlight, this computer is ideally suited for anyone looking to improve pedaling efficiency, on the road, the trail, or even a trainer. Low battery indicator (computer head & transmitter).2 adjustable wheel sizes.Automatic recognition of bike 2.Back light.Current temperature.Forward and Backward Navigation.Weatherproof.PC compatible.Current speed.Average speed. Maximum speed.Trip distance.Current /Average speed comparison.Total distance bike 1, bike 2 & bike 1+2*. Current and average cadence.Programmable trip section counter; up & back.Ride time.Clock (12/24 hr.Stopwatch.Countdown timer.Total ride time bike 1, bike 2 & bike 1+2*.


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– O-RINGS (Ø 32mm, 42mm)

Ride Tracking:
Average speed
Current speed
Current vs. average speed comparison
Maximum speed
Seperate trip with manual start/stop
Trip distance
Trip time
Average Cadence
Current Cadence
Current Temperature

1.5 year Battery Life
Uses CR 2032
Integrated storage chip for data backup
Wired cadence tracking