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Skratch Labs Skratch Paper


Skratch Lab’s Skratch Paper allows you to safely carry high moisture, fresh foods whether you’re riding, trail running, or packing a lunch for work.

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Skratch Lab’s Skratch Paper holds it shape like aluminum foil with the strength of parchment paper. Using this paper, you don’t have to worry about reaching in your back jersey pocket to find a plastic baggy full of stale cookie crumbs. Wrapped in Skratch Paper, a cookie, or other food item, is able to hold its shape, stay fresh, and be protected when you’re on-the-go. One pack of Skratch Paper contains 40 pre-cut square sheets measuring 8.5” x 8.5”. Also included are complete wrapping instructions, so you know the best method for packing your food.


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