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SRM PC 8 Controller


Get the most out of your SRM powermeter with an PC8 control. With the ability to track every metric important to you, from speed and cadence to elevation or GPS (and of course industry ready power data syncing) it has never been as easy to train smarter, not just harder.



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The Power Control 8 (PC8) from SRM takes the praised SRM PC7 to the next level. With a larger screen and GPS tracking your SRM has never been more valuable for your performance tracking. In addition to tracking all the usual metrics of speed, cadence, heart rate and of course power, at 4x the industry standard 1/second sync rate, the PC8 can also display a number of Training Peaks metrics (such as Training Stress Score, Normalized Power and Intensity Factor) in real time. In addition, the PC8 supports four different bicycle profiles so now switching between your SRM Powermeter equipped bikes is as simple as snapping your PC8 on and hoping in the saddle.

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