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Riding Campagnolo has always carried with it a refusal to compromise performance and elegance, until now Campy riders hoping to measure power to get the most of their training had to do just that. With the SRM-Campagnolo Powermeter the you will no longer have to compromise when it comes to your Campy 11-speed equipped bicycle.



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Long favored by those who refuse to compromise when it comes to their riding Campagnolo has always made the most elegant, highest performing drivetrains available. Unfortunately, for Campy riders seeking to get the most out of their training required a heavy hub based meter or scarifying on performance and aesthetics by using a non-Campagnolo SRM crank. With the release of SRM-Campagnolo powermeter, made specifically for SRM by Campy at their Vincenza factory, the exacting standard and performance of SRM and Campy have finally been paired. Ultizing Campagnolo’s C.U.L.T. Ceramic bearings and XPSS chainrings SRM has never been so elegant. With Campagnolo’s new four-bolt spindle the SRM-Campagnolo powermeter is compatible with both 53/39 (standard), 52/36 (pro-compact) and 50/34 (compact) chainrings and comes in 170mm, 172mm or 175mm crank arm lengths.

At Contender Bicycles, we want to offer what we believe are the very best products. We have been huge believers in SRMs since becoming one of their first couple of dealers in the United States. Having worked on SRMs longer than just about anyone out there, we can troubleshoot any issue that you might have. Our service staff is available to you to a call or email to help you with any SRM issue that you might have.

Your new SRM can be purchase in a bundle with a PowerControl 8 computer, the most powerful way to take advantage of your SRM on the ride for $500 more, a $200 savings over buying each separately!

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