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SRM Powermeter FSA K-Force Light BB386


The FSA K-Force Light crank has been praised for it’s high performance and lightweight so it is no wonder that the SRM FSA K-Force Light Powermeter is the perfect upgrade for any cyclist looking to track power during their training or races using a carbon fiber crankset.



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Product Description

It wasn’t until german engineer Ulrich Schoberer, the founder of SRM, developed and patented the SRM Training System in 1986 that it became possible to measure power in watts while cycling. This development forever changed how cyclists prepare for and perform on race day. Power is the only absolute aspect of training. Unlike heart rate or speed, power is not subject to outside influences such as temperature, wind, caffeine, nutrition, sleep, altitude and the list goes on. Power data remains constant, giving you insights into performance with quantifiable data. Since SRM’s beginning in 1986 it has continually pushed its power measurement technology forward, making SRM equipment the gold standard in training with power.

The best SRM powermeter option for those looking to run a carbon crankset is the SRM FSA K-Force Light powermeter. Compatible with Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo drivetrains the SRM-FSA K-Force powermeter is the ultimate upgrade for any cyclist hoping to get the most out of their training efforts. Now, available in a User Changeable Battery (“UCB”) version this powermeter combines the industry leading accuracy and reliability of SRM with the convince never having to send the unit back to SRM, meaning you’ll never have any downtime in your training. Unlike competitors on the market that use watch batteries, sometimes offering as little as 100 hours of power tracking, the SRM-FSA UCB’s 2 AA batteries allow for up to 4000 hours of data gathering.

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Additional Information

Chainring Ratio

50/34, 53/39

Crank Length

170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm