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SRM Powermeter Shimano DA9000


The SRM Powermeter Shimano DA9000 combines the highly regarded Shimano Dura-Ace DA9000 crankset with   an SRM powermeter. No other training metric is a powerful, no pun intended, as a powermeter and no one can provide the reliability and accuracy of the pioneers as SRM.



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If you are like most cyclists, you probably spend too much time thinking about your next bike upgrade rather than the most important aspect of performance. The SRM training system can help any cyclist take their cycling to the next level by providing them with quantifiable data, enabling them to train with purpose rather than guesswork. Since first applying a power meter to a bicycle in 1986, SRM has set the benchmark for training with power.

The SRM is available in Shimano 9000 Dura-Ace. This system combines the best powermeter available with the best performing crank on the market. The clean and stealthy look will complete the look of your 9000 equipped bike.

Your new SRM can be purchase in a bundle with a PowerControl 8 computer, the most powerful way to take advantage of your SRM on the ride for $500 more, a $200 savings over buying each separately!

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