$100 Holiday Bike Bundle


$100 Holiday Bike Bundle

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Bike purchases between $1000-$2000 receive the following bike bundle:

2 x Contender Taunik Bottles: These high-quality, durable cycling bottles are designed for easy handling and quick hydration, featuring an ergonomic design and a leak-proof cap. Perfect for long rides and intense training sessions.

2 x Cage Options: Choose between the Supacaz Fly Cage, known for its lightweight and strong grip, ensuring your bottle stays secure even on rough terrains, or the Supacaz Side Swipe Cage, which offers a stylish design and side entry for easy access, especially on smaller frames or tight spaces.

Choice of Pedals: Customize your riding experience by selecting either the Shimano M520 pedals, offering a reliable and efficient clipless mechanism for enhanced power transfer, or the MSW Thump pedals, which are ideal for those who prefer a flat pedal for their versatility and comfort.

Conditions: This exclusive bundle is only valid with a bike purchase valued between $1000 and $1999. It's a perfect way to enhance your cycling experience with high-quality accessories that complement your new bike. No modifications to the bundle are permitted and the value of the bundle can not be used as a discount.