SKU: 210000096486

2018 BMC Roadmachine 01 Module Disc Frameset

SKU: 210000096486

2018 BMC Roadmachine 01 Module Disc Frameset

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Brand: BMC
Categories: Road Bikes
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Every road bike frameset manufacturer worth their weight have some kind of do-it-all road bike, defined as a road bike that is just as comfortable on an all-day ride as it is in the heat of a race. BMC sought to make their own version of it, and it might just be the best do-it-all road bike out there: the BMC Roadmachine RM01 Frameset.

The BMC Roadmachine RM01 Disc Frameset delivers on its promise. Simply put, the bike pedals with a verve unlike any other endurance road bike, and up hills it much more akin to a lightweight climber’s bike. BMC claim that bottom bracket stiffness is within 5-10% of the racy Teammachine frame, but that fork compliance is also very close to the upright Granfondo. This lends to an interesting sensation of speed and comfort, again unlike any other endurance road bike. Further, the frameset has a lower-than-average bottom bracket, which lends to an innate sense of stability in high-speed corners, making it more akin to an endurance bike. In terms of performance, the Roadmachine RM01 really is a do-it-all-bike, as it combines the best attributes of race and endurance bikes into one bicycle.

BMC designed the Roadmachine RM01 with the idea of making it as fast as their Teammachine, but as comfortable as the Granfondo. To do so, they went back to the basics: intelligent frame design. Without the use of elastomers, bearings, or shock cartridges, BMC have managed to make this frame exceptionally comfortable simply by beefing up stress points, and making other points as thin as possible to flex and absorb vibration. This approach called for asymmetric, flared chainstays and a massive downtube for optimal stiffness where it matters; key points like a D-shaped seatpost, integrated seat clamp, and tuned seatstays encourage compliance where it’s needed most. BMC have also included other go-fast bits like their Integrated Cockpit System (ICS), eliminating any type of visible cabling or wiring between the handlebar to the bicycle’s rear axle.

BMC designed the Roadmachine RM01 frameset to be disc brake-specific from the start, with custom flat-mount brackets for optimal brake integration. As such, the frame weighs just 920 grams, with a 390 gram fork and 160g uncut seatpost.

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