2020 Contender Bicycles Classic Women's Jersey


2020 Contender Bicycles Classic Women's Jersey

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The 2020 Contender Club Kit represents a focus on bringing like-minded cyclists together. Any piece of Contender Bicycles Club kit gives you eligibility toward exclusive discounts on consumables, apparel, and more. Regardless of whether or not you buy a 2020 Contender Bicycles Women's Classic Jersey, you're welcome to join us for our regular group rides, and fun events. Email signup available at the bottom of the page, with ride notifications available, or join us on Strava.

Buying any piece of 2020 Contender Club Kit apparel nets you myriad discounts, including:

-20% off nutrition, tubes, tires, and C02.

-20% off tire sealant, cleaners, and lubricants.

-15% off of normally-priced Contender-branded apparel. This includes tees, jerseys, bibs, socks and more. Excluding 2020 Contender Club Kit.

We will also be sure to offer other Contender-specific perks as they come along through the season. Stay tuned over email or social media, we’ll make it worth your while.

The 2020 Contender Bicycles Women's Classic Jersey features a somewhat accommodating fit that neatly fills the gap between endurance cut and race fit; i.e. they're just snug enough to avoid flapping in the wind. The material is breathable, but not so light as to work only in the hottest summer days. Pair it to a base layer, and it'll last you into the middle of Fall or middle of Spring and forward. The Contender Bicycles Women's Classic Jersey is available in three sizes (SM-LG).

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