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2022 Orbea Orca Aero M10i LTD

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2022 Orbea Orca Aero M10i LTD

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Brand: Orbea
Categories: Road Bikes
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It’s almost impossible to find a bike that is more in tune with the road than the 2022 Orbea Orca Aero M10i LTD. Learn the sensation of unadulterated speed from the second you clip in. Corner like you’re on tracks, float up ascents, and let the Orca’s optimized aerodynamic profile shoot you down descents. This wild aero instrument will serve you wattage savings on a silver platter. Set yourself ahead of the pack; lose yourself to the road while the competition loses to you.

This is the premium Orbea Orca Aero; not a single component is a compromise. Sporting the all-new Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, you’ll have Shimano’s fastest shifting ever. A wireless cockpit design yields unparalleled performance and complete reliability.

Over the past couple of years, Orbea has significantly improved their carbon fiber layups and frame construction. They use their in-house OMX carbon lay-up to carefully reinforce critical frame areas which provide unbelievable stiffness to weight ratios. The forces acting on every part of the frame are taken into consideration and then exactly the right amount of material is utilized to implement strength, rigidity, and weight savings.

The Orca Aero M10i LTD effortlessly cheats air resistance. A holistic improvement to essentially every aspect of the Orca Aero M10i LTD yields a reduced drag of 15 watts at 40kmph and 28 watts at 50kmph. These are numbers that you will feel. In the name of optimization, Orbea specifically designed down tube and seat tube for 25-28mm tires. This means that you have a 3mm window of tire selection if you are after the most aerodynamic compliance between tire and bike. However, you will have room for 30mm tires, which can provide greater comfort and decreased rolling resistance. Tire selection is a very personal decision and Orbea gives you the power to pick.

Comfort is often an aspect that falls through the cracks in creating sleek aerodynamic road bikes. An uncomfortable cyclist is a slow cyclist; if you’re constantly shifting about in search of a pleasant position, you’re creating lots of drag. You’re also mentally distracted from the road in front of you. One of our favorite aspects about the 2022 Orbea Orca Aero M10i LTD is its superior ergonomics. Orbea designed the Orca Aero M10i LTD without a fully integrated cockpit to provide handlebar adaptability because they know that everyone has different reach numbers, flexibility, and riding styles. Rotate your bars, change stem length, rotate your seat angle, and make your competition regret their back-killing one-position integrated bar/stems. Fast can, and must, be comfortable.

Orbea’s attention to detail is what makes them really stand out from competitors. They’ve managed to integrate a tool box into the 2022 Orca Aero M10i LTD that is positioned behind the front wheel. This tool box not only allows you to have less in your pockets, it also further increases aerodynamics. Always remember, optimized aerodynamics are faster than trivial weight savings.



FRAMEOrbea Orca Aero Carbon OMX disc, monocoque construction, HS 1,5", BB 386, powermeter compatible, Thru Axle 12mm x 142mm rear, thread M12x2 P1, Speed release compatible, internal cable routing, EC/DC compatible.
FORKOrbea Orca Aero OMX ICR, full carbon, 1-1/8" - 1,5" tappered head tube compatible, Thru axle 12x100mm, thread M12x2 P1, Speed release compatible dropout.
CRANKSETShimano Dura-Ace R9200 36x52t
HEADSETFSA 1-1/2" Integrated Aluminium Cup
HANDLEBAROC RA10 Road Aero Carbon, Drop 125, Reach 80, Flare 5, w/Di2 hole
STEMOrbea ICR -8º
SHIFTERSShimano R9270
BRAKESShimano R9270 Hydraulic Disc
CASSETTEShimano Dura-Ace R9200 11-30t 12-Speed
REAR DERAILLEURShimano Dura-Ace R9250 Di2
FRONT DERAILLEURShimano Dura-Ace R9250 Di2
CHAINShimano CN-9100
WHEELSShimano R9250 C50 Disc Carbon TL CL
TIRESVittoria Corsa Competition G2.0 TLR 700x25c
SADDLEPrologo Dimension T4.0 size143 mm
HANDLEBAR PLUGSOrbea Anti-Slippery/Shock Proof
FRONT WHEEL AXLEOrbea Thru Axle 12x100mm M12x2 P1 Lite
REAR WHEEL AXLEOrbea Thru Axle 12x142mm M12x2 P1 Lite
HYDRATIONOrbea Aero Bottle and Bottle cage Set
STORAGEAero Accesory Container


1 - SEAT TUBE (C-T)459474499524544564589
2 - TOP TUBE (EFF)507,6520,8532,9545,5557,5573,1587
3 - HEAD TUBE93,1100,8117,2134,9155,2173,2200,4
5 - BB HEIGHT (25-622)260260260262262262262
5 - BB HEIGHT (28-622)263263263265265265265
6 - BB DROP76767674747474
7 - WHEELBASE966,2971974,8976,1986,4996,91010,8
8 - HEAD ANGLE71º71.5º72.2º72.8º73º73.2º73.2º
9 - SEAT ANGLE74.5º74º73.7º73.5º73.5º73.2º73.2º
10 - STANDOVER (25-622)717728,5750,1775794811,6835,8
10 - STANDOVER (28-622)720731,5753,1778797814,6838,8
11 - REACH370376380385391398404
12 - STACK496505523542562580606
TRAIL (25-622)64,961,857,55957,856,556,5
TRAIL (28-622)6662,858,459,958,757,457,4