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Allied Alfa Disc Frameset

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Allied Alfa Disc Frameset

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Allied Cycle Works is a relative unknown, especially in these parts. Having only seen things online, we were curious as to their build quality, and more importantly, how they rode. The Allied Alfa Disc frameset is one of the finest examples of what American innovation in road cycling looks like today.

The Allied Alfa Disc may not look particularly unique, but it starts with a vision: make a carbon frameset that is designed and hand-crafted in the United States that competes with the best in performance, but exceeds them in customization. The Alfa is designed to be a race bike that can be ridden all day long. This means that it has race bike geometry, which is reflected in the frameset’s stack and reach numbers. What it doesn’t mean, however, is that the bike is designed to be only for suffer fests; with clearance for up to a 28c tire, the bike is meant to be ridden huge miles at a time. Further, Allied offers the Alfa with two head tube lengths, with no change in the race bike geometry of the rest of the bike. The bike comes with a threaded bottom bracket for the sake of simplicity and reliability (a feature on it's own), and neat features like swappable cable management modules (in the shape of an eagle) for a clean, port-free look with electronic drivetrains.

Now, to the big question: how does it ride? In short, very well. The bike feels like just about any other high-end race road bike, which is a complement in and of itself. What is most remarkable is how well it absorbs road vibration. They attribute this to their use of a material called Innegra. While Innegra is used predominantly to strengthen, stiffen, and add durability to high-stress points of the frame, it happens to dampen road vibration better than many other road framesets out there. Besides that, it feels extremely responsive under all conditions. It has great head tube stiffness, and absolutely rewards riders for aggressive inputs and high speeds. This means that the bike achieves a bit of a trifecta; with clearance for a 28c tire, race bike geometry, and smooth ride quality, it can be just as good in a sprint as it is during a century ride.

The Allied Alfa Disc frameset comes in a deep 12 sizes (49-61cm), with two different head tube lengths available (“+” delineating an extra 2cm headtube). It also comes in seven base colorways, along with custom paint options for $500 more. Most surprising of all might be their lifetime warranty, ensuring any customer to this new brand that Allied stands behind their product.

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