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Allied Allroad Disc Frameset

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Allied Allroad Disc Frameset

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Allied Cycle Works came to life in 2016, with the goal of making custom and semi-custom high-end carbon bicycles in the USA. These bikes were to be deeply customizable, with an eye toward high performance, low weight, and extremely competitive pricing. The Allied Alfa Allroad Frameset is their newest frameset, a high-performance road bike that can be ridden almost anywhere, over any surface.

The Allied Alfa Allroad starts life as the closely-related sibling to the road-specific Alfa road bike. The front triangle is the same as the road bike, meaning it shares carbon layup as well as geometry. Weight is extremely low, like the Alfa, and at just 960 grams for a size 56 cm, it is lighter than many other bikes of this ilk. Further, sharing a front triangle means that the Alfa Allroad largely shares geometry with the Alfa; here Allied offers two head tube lengths, a threaded bottom bracket for the sake of simplicity and reliability (a feature on it's own). It also has neat features like swappable cable management modules (in the shape of an eagle) for a clean, port-free look with electronic drivetrains. The major differences come in how the Allroad accommodates wider tires. It is 4mm taller than the standard road fork to easily accommodate a 38c tire, and has 4mm more rake for greater straight line stability. Allied have also lengthened and beefed up the chainstays, and added flat mount disc brakes as well as replaceable thru axle plates. Innegra High Performance Fiber is used throughout the frame to strengthen, stiffen, and add durability to high-stress points of the frame, while reducing the chance of catastrophic failure.

There is something to be said about being able to maintain similar fit across all bikes, regardless of discipline, and the Allied Alfa Allroad dutifully obliges. It has the stack and reach numbers of a fast road bike, but the clearance of a gravel bike. Like the Alfa, the Allroad has great head tube stiffness, and absolutely rewards riders for aggressive inputs and high speeds. This lends a great sense of stability over gravel and smooth singletrack, as precise inputs are necessary to go as fast as possible. Take it on the road however, and it feels much more like a fast bike with wide tires than a plodding gravel bike. Ride quality is smooth and on the muted side, especially with wider tires, allowing the bike to track confidently through choppy roads.

The Allied Alfa Allroad Frameset comes in a massive 12 sizes (49-61cm), with two different head tube lengths available (“+” delineating an extra 2cm headtube). It also comes in a vast array of color schemes, from raw to varying fades. Allied Cycle Works also offers a lifetime warranty for each frame, ensuring any customer to this new brand that Allied stands behind their product.

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