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Arundel Art Gecko Bar Tape

SKU: 210000108393

Arundel Art Gecko Bar Tape

Brand: Arundel
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Boring is dumb. Bikes should not be boring. With Arundel Art Gecko Bar Tape your bike will never be accused of being boring. Call Contender Bicycles at 801-364-0344 for availability.

Spice up your bicycle handlebar tape with the aesthetically pleasing Arundel Art Gecko Bar Tape. Available in nine colors, the bright, geometric pattern will turn heads.

Arundel Art Gecko Bar Tape is a grippy rubber polyurethane bar tape with colorful artistic patterns than cascade down from the hoods to the drops - fading from black to the brighter colors. 

The pattern, described as tri-color tessellation adds a touch of distinction without being overbearing in its design.

In a cycling world where bar tape looks like bar tape, why not put a bit of art literally at your fingertips with Arundel Art Gecko Bar Tape.